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Be a part of an exciting, novel, diverse department. We address how plants and design affect climate change; food safety; and access the needs of our changing urban/peri-urban communities.

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The Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture (PSLA) offers a number of undergraduate majors. 

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Are you a PSLA Alumni? We want to hear from you!  The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Network is one of the numerous academic networks within the University of Maryland Alumni Association that allows you to remain an active and engaged member of our community.

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Our department and programs prepare students to excel in their future professions to make an impact on the communities we live in. Learn more about social activism and health through gardening.The Potential Correlation Between Nature Engagement in Middle Childhood Years and College Undergraduates’ Nature Engagement, Proenvironmental Attitudes, and Stress

Gardening for Health: A Regular Dose of Gardening

A Guerrilla Gardener in South Central LA

Student Spotlight: Sidra Isenberg- Environmental Horticulture

Sidra is an Agricultural Science & Technology major with specialization in Environmental Horticulture


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Alumni Spotlight- Recent PSLA Graduates Caitlin Steinthal and Marquis Barnes talk Friendship

Caitlin Steinthal (BS PLSC) and Marquis Barnes (BLA) both graduated in May of 2020. Caitlin shares how her friendship with Marquis and their similar interests made the UMD undergraduate experience a truly positive one.

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