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Prospective Students

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Plant Sciences Graduate Program

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for PLSC Applicants

  • A baccalaureate from an accredited college or university in the United States or the equivalent in a foreign country.

  • A minimum B average (3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale) for all undergraduate courses (at least 16 credit hours of prior course work in science and mathematics that includes calculus, physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, plant science, ecology and genetics or statistics).

  • TOEFL (minimum 100) or IELTS (minimum 7.0) (for international applicants only).

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For more information about Graduate Admissions, please contact: Dr. Shirley Micallef



Application Instructions and Resources

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Fee Waiver Information and Eligibility 

For questions regarding graduate application fee waivers, email The Graduate School:

If you have not participated in one of these programs, you may still be eligible through the Big Ten Academic Alliance FreeApp program, and can email the UMD FreeApp Coordinator with any questions:

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Required Documents

  • Statement of Purpose (< 500 words)

  • Description of Research/Work Experience (1,000-1,500 words)

  • Transcript(s)

  • Letters of Recommendation (3)

  • CV/Resume

  • TOEFL/IELTS (international graduate students)

  • Faculty of Interest & Area of Interest (applicants without this information will be delayed for evaluation)

  • (optional) Publications/Presentations

Program Faculty

PSLA Research Areas

  • Plant Pathology and Food Security 
  • Food Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 
  • Plant Physiology and Development 
  • Agriculture Production and Information Systems
  • Plant Ecology and Conservation Biology
  • Invasives and Weed Science
  • Landscape Architecture and Studies

For more information on the faculty that teach in this program, please click on their name below:



  Dr. Vijay Tiwari Dr. Vijay Tiwari  Dr. Kate Tully
Dr. Kate Tully
  Dr. Bill Phillips Dr. Bill Phillips Dr. Yiping Qi Dr. Yiping Qi
  Dr. Nidhi Rawat Dr. Nidhi Rawat Dr. Nicole Fiorellino Dr. Nicole Fiorellino



Environmental Horticulture


Dr. Christopher Walsh Dr. Christopher Walsh Dr. Joseph Fiola Dr. Joseph Fiola
  Dr. Kathryne Everts Dr. Katheryn Everts Dr. John Lea-Cox Dr. John Lea-Cox
  Dr. Macarena Farcuh


Dr. Macarena Farcuh    
  Dr. Angus Murphy Dr. Angus Murphy Dr. Karen Rane Dr. Karen Rane
  Dr. Andrew Ristvey Dr. Andrew Ristvey Bryan Butler Bryan Butler



Plant Biology


Dr. Gary Coleman Dr. Gary Coleman Dr. James Culver Dr. James Culver
  Dr. Macarena Farcuh


Dr. Macarena Farcuh    
  Dr. Shirley Micallef Dr. Shirley Micallef Dr. Angus Murphy Dr. Angus Murphy
  Dr. Maile Neel Dr. Maile Neel Dr. Joseph Sullivan Dr. Joseph Sullivan
  Dr. Shunyuan Xiao Dr. Shunyuan Xiao DR. Jianhua Zhu Dr. Jianhua Zhu
  Dr. Vijay Tiwari Dr. Vijay Tiwari Dr. Kate Tully Dr. Kate Tully
  Dr. Yiping Qi Dr. Yiping Qi Dr. Nidhi Rawat Dr. Nidhi Rawat
  Dr. Zhongchi Liu Dr. Zhongchi Liu Dr. Wendy Peer Dr. Wendy Peer