External Job & Internship Opportunities

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Disclaimer: We are sharing these opportunities with relevant students and alumni in our department. Sharing this opportunity does not constitute a recommendation on this unit’s part. Please always use proper caution when contacting and making arrangements. Thank you.

Employers: If you are interested in sharing any job opportunities you have available with our students, please email pslapostings@umd.edu. Please include your contact information and an ad for the job opportunity. If you wish to post campus wide, please visit Career4Terps directly. Thank you!

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Date Received Approximate Deadlines

Relevant Students/Alumni

 Category Organization
5.27.21   LARC Job Design Collective
5.18.21   PSLA Job Hillside Lawn Service
5.14.21   LARC Jobs Campion Hruby Landscape Architects (Contact Kevin Campion at kevin@campionhruby.com with resume and portfolio)
5.11.21   LARC Job Fine Earth Landscape of Poolesville Maryland
5.10.21 5.28.21 PSLA Internship Transform Maryland
5.7.21 5.25.21 LARC Internship (summer) Land Trust Northern Baltimore County
5.10.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vancancies 5.10.21
5.3.21 5.28.21 LARC Job CITE Design
4.30.21 not indicated PLSC (alumni) Job Catoctin Mountain Growers
4.30.21 not indicated PLSC (undergraduate) Summer Internship

 Palmer and Agroecology Lab (UMD) 


4.30.21 5.14.21 PLSC /AGST Job WMREC
4.30.21 not indicated LARC (Alum) Jobs Bradley Site Design
4.29.21 5.31.21 PSLA Job  UME
4.27.21 not indicated LARC Job Barks Road
4.27.21 Open until filled LARC Internship Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
4.26.21 5.4.21 LARC Internship NYC Dept of City Planning
4.26.21 5.10.21 PSLA Job Office of Undergraduate Admissions (UMD)
4.23.21 5.7.21 PSLA Internship Federal and Global Fellows Programs (UMD)
4.21.21 6.11.21 PLSC (Alum) Job  Texas A+M Agrilife Research
4.16.21 not indicated LARC Job Landscape Designer/Architect, Land Art Design Inc  McLean, VA. Contact Claire Siegel
4.16.21 not indicated LARC Job Landscape Architect / Designer Unknown Studio, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design, LLC  Baltimore, MD, Contact Nick Glase
4.16.21 not indicated LARC Job Landscape Architect gpac  Clarksburg, MD
4.16.21 not indicated LARC (Alumni) Job Landscape Architect Dewberry  Lanham, MD (senior associate level) 
4.16.21 not indicated LARC Job

Landscape ArchitecLatitude Inc Gaithersburg, MD

4.16.21 not indicated PSLA Internship PALS/Montgomery County Parks and Rec
4.8.21 4.20.21 PSLA Job 4-H
4.7.21 4.20.21 LARC (Alum) Job CUNY
4.5.21 not indicated LARC Job AMT
4.1.21 4.19.21 PSLA Internships US Botanical Gardens
3.29.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vancancies 3.29.21
3.26.21   LARC Job CI Design Inc
3.22.21 4.19.21 PSLA Internships

Architect of the Capitol (AOC)-Horticultural Turf Specialist Aide

Summer Internship (Gardener Aide)

Summer Internship (Horticulture Aide)

3.16.21   LARC Internship Mahan Rykiel Associates
3.15.21 not indicated PSLA Graduate Assistantship UDC
3.15.21 not indicated LARC Job Wheat's
3.12.21 3.26.21 PSLA Job UMD-Ag Experiment Station
3.11.21   PSLA (graduate students) Teaching Assistantship ENSP
3.10.21 3.26.21 PSLA Internships DC Department of Transportation
3.9.21 not indicated PSLA Internship Professional Grounds, INC.
3.8.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 3.8.21
3.4.21 3.31.21 PSLA Internship Cylburn Arboretum
3.4.21 not indicated LARC (Alumni) Job

ParkerRodriguez, Inc.

Job Announcement

3.4.21 3.14.21 LARC Internships Stantec
3.1.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 3.1.21
3.1.21 not indicated LARCH-Alumni Job Morris and Ritchie Associates
2.23.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 2.23.21
2.18.21 not indicated/multiple PSLA Jobs  Ruppert Landscape
2.16.21 3.15.21 PSLA Internship JIFSAN
2.12.21 not indicated LARC Job Barks Road Landscape Architecture
2.11.21 2.26.21 LARC Job EcoWorks
2.10.21 not indicated PSLA Jobs

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens:

2.8.21 3.5.21 PSLA Jobs

UME Frederick County - Agent Associate (Agronomy) - https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/80890


UME Baltimore County - Agent Associate (Horticulture) - https://ejobs.umd.edu/hr/postings/80892

2.5.21 not indicated LARC (MLA) Job Environmental Finance Center (UMD)
2.3.21 not indicated PSLA Job (Entry Level) Lawn Wrangler (seeking an account manager)
2.1.21 not indicated PSLA Job Harmony Garden Interiors
1.29.21 2.10.21 PSLA Job JIFSAN
1.27.21 not indicated PSLA Job Wee Burn Country Club
1.27.21 not indicated PSLA Internship Wee Burn Country Club
1.27.21 2.26.21 by 5pm PSLA Internships USDA Beltsville
1.20.21 not indicated PSLA Job Barks Road Landscape Architecture
1.19.21 3.1.21 PSLA Internship Berkshire Botanical Garden
1.11.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 1.11.21
1.8.21 2.19.21 LARC Internship OLIN
1.7.21 3.15.21 LARC/ PLSC HORT Internship Fallingwater's McKenna Foundation
1.4.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 1.4.21
12.28.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 12.28.21
12.17.20 not indicated PSLA Internship Walters Gardens
12.17.20 not indicated PSLA Job ACDI/VOCA
12.17.20 not indicated LARC Job CDM Smith
12.11.20 multiple PSLA Jobs

UMD Ag Experiment Station

UMD Ag Experiment Station

UMD Institute of Applied Agriculture


12.10.20 not indicated PLSC/AGST Job Texas A&M-Kingsville
12.7.20 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies (Wk. 12.7.20)
11.25.20 not indicated LARC Internship

OEHME, van Sweden (Send resume and examples of your work to Eric Groff: egroft@ovsla.com)

11.18.20 not indicated PSLA Internship Big Island Farms
11.18.20 12.11.20 PSLA (forestry) Job Chesapeake Network
11.17.20 2.10.20 PSLA Internships SOARE
11.16.20 not indicated LARC (Alum) Job VHB
11.16.20 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies (Wk 11.16.20)
11.10.20 4.2.21 PSLA Internship Chevy Chase Club Horticulture Department Summer Internship 2021
11.10.20 11.23.2020 PSLA Job UMD Extension
11.9.20 not indicated PLSC Job PSLA- Farcuh Lab
11.4.20 not indicated PSLA Volunteer National Park Service
11.3.20 not indicated LARC-Alumni Job Fine Earth Landscape (Contact bernie.mihm@gmail.com)
10.29.20 11.28.20 PSLA-Alumni Job UMD Extension (4H)
10.29.20   AGST Internship Anheuser-Busch
10.27.20 multiple PSLA Students and Alumni Jobs UMD: 

Ag. Tech Lead# 103100: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/79810

Post Doc Assoc.# 124150: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/79714

10.27.20 11.20.20 LARC Internships SWA Balsley
10.26.20 not indicated PSLA  Jobs

US Forest Service (Tongass National Forest,

Prince of Wales Ranger District)

10.26.20 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies wk of 10.26.20
10.22.20 not indicated PSLA Internship  Bob O'Link Golf Club
10.20.20 not indicated LARC Internship Alexandria Garden Club
10.19.20 not indicated PLSC/AGST Internship Corteva
10.13.20 not indicated LARC-Alumni Job St. John Properties, Inc
10.13.20 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 10.12.20
10.8.20 10.17.20 PSLA-Alumni Job AgroEco Lab
10.5.20 not indicated PSLA Job UMD Architecture and Planning
10.1.20 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies (as of 9.30.20)
10.1.20 not indicated PSLA Job District Farms
9.24.20 not indicated PSLA Job (part-time) UMD-Animal and Avian Sciences
9.23.20 not indicated PLSC Job University of Florida-Dale Lab
9.17.20 not indicated PSLA Jobs Nextiva
9.15.20 not indicated LARCH (Alumni) Job MORRIS & RITCHIE ASSOCIATES, INC. (MRA)
9.14.20 10.15.20 PLSC (alumni) Job USDA, ARS Houston, TX
9.8.20 not indicated PSLA (Urban Forestry) Job Casey Trees
9.8.20 10.16.20 LARCH Internship Design Workshop
9.3.20 not indicated LARCH Job Place Matters Group
9.3.20 not indicated PSLA Job Collington
9.2.20 9.15.20 PLSC  Job USDA
8.31.20 not indicated PLSC (HORT or related field) Job HYVE Indoor Farming System
8.31.20 9.11.20 AGST Job UMD-AGNR-AES-CMREC-Forage Research Facility
8.27.20 not indicated LARCH Job VHB Metro DC