External Job & Internship Opportunities

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Disclaimer: We are sharing these opportunities with relevant students and alumni in our department. Sharing this opportunity does not constitute a recommendation on this unit’s part. Please always use proper caution when contacting and making arrangements. Thank you.

Employers: If you are interested in sharing any job opportunities you have available with our students, please email pslapostings@umd.edu. Please include your contact information and an ad for the job opportunity. If you wish to post campus wide, please visit Career4Terps directly. Thank you!

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Date Received Approximate Deadlines

Relevant Students/Alumni

 Category Organization
6.17.20 not indicated LARC Job Urban Design Forum
5.29.20 6.12.20 PSLA Internship Cylburn Arboretum
5.28.20 not indicated PLSC/AGST (Alum) Jobs

JIFSAN-Assistant Research Scientist

JIFSAN-Assistant Research Scientist

JIFSAN-Postdoctoral Associate

5.23.20 Not indicated PSLA Internship Livewell Outdoors
5.21.20 Not indicated LARC Job Landmark Design
4.24.20 Multiple PSLA Jobs USDA ARS
4.24.20 5.22.20 AGST/PLSC Jobs

USBG (Horticulturalist Position)

USBG (Plant Healthcare Specialist)

4.23.20 5.10.20 LARC Job/Fellowship

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

About the Fellowship:         https://www.enterprisecommunity.org/solutions-and-innovation/rose-fellowship

Application Details:              https://www.enterprisecommunity.org/solutions-and-innovation/rose-architectural-fellowship/become-a-fellow

Cleveland Work Plan:         https://www.enterprisecommunity.org/sites/default/files/media-library/solutions-and-innovation/design/Rose%20Fellow/cnp_workplan.pdf

4.17.20 not indicated PSLA Internship Center for Global Sustainability (UMD)
4.14.20 not indicated LARC Job Cannell Capital
4.1.20 not indicated PSLA Job Chesapeake Conservancy
3.31.20 not indicated LARC Job The Cultural Landscape Foundation
3.20.20 4.3.20 PLSC Job AGNR-AES-WMREC (Western Maryland)
3.6.20 multiple PLSC (Turfgrass/Golfcourse Management) Jobs/Internships


3.6.20 3.13.20 PLSC (Grads) Job Clemson University Herbarium (CLEMS)
3.6.20 not indicated AGST/PLSC Internship Lake Erie Regional Grape Research and Extension Center
3.3.20 4.25.20 PSLA Job AGNR
3.3.20 3.17.20 PSLA Job AGNR-Extension PG County
3.2.20 not indicated LARC (MLA) Internship Studio AKA
2.28.20 When filled LARC Internship Neighborhood Design Center
2.28.20 3.15.20 LARC Internship Fallingwater
2.19.20 3.4.20 PSLA Job AGNR
2.14.20 not indicated PSLA (Turfgrass Management) Job Crystal Clear Automation
2.14.20 2.28.20 PSLA Internship United Fresh
2.14.20 not indicated PSLA (Turfgrass Management) Job Montgomery Country Club
2.11.20 2.24.20 AGST/PLSC Job Department of Agriculture
2.10.20 3.1.20 PSLA Job AGNR-AES-RFMO
2.6.20 3.1.20 LARC Internship SWA
2.1.20 2.23.20 PSLA Job Brookside Gardens
1.31.20 2.28.20 PSLA Internships

Maryland State Fair and Agricultural Society 

(AgED; Nursery Landscaping; PR)

1.30.20 not indicated LARC Job Ann P Stokes Landscape Architects
1.24.20 2.24.20 PSLA (alumni and post docs) Job (Faculty Position) AGNR UME-Worcester County
1.24.20 2.5.20 PSLA Job UMD Extension 4-H Howard County
1.23.20 3.27.20 PSLA (alumni and post docs) Job (Faculty Position) AGNR Food and Nutrition Science
1.23.20 2.29.20 LARC Job PELA
1.23.20 not indicated PSLA (undergraduates) Job Field Trials Center Research and Extension Program
1.16.20 3.27.20 PSLA (alumni) Job AGNR-Nutrition and Food Science
1.16.20 not indicated LARC Internship VIKA
1.15.20 2.13.20 PSLA (all) Job AGNR-UME-Prince George's County
1.15.20 2.19.20 PSLA (alumni) Job AGNR-Office of International Programs
1.14.20 1.24.20 PSLA (all) Internships American Public Gardens Association (Horticulture +Engineering/Architectural Aide) 
1.13.20 not indicated LARC Job Neighborhood Design Center
1.13.20 1.31.20 PSLA (all) Job Lower Shore Land Trust
1.8.20 not indicated PSLA (all) Internships

UMD-Facilities Management

UMD-Facilities Management

1.7.20 1.31.20 LARC Internship Design Workshop
1.6.20 not indicated LARC (alumni) Job Clinton and Associates Landscape Architects


(contact walkerh@si.edu if additional time

is needed to submit application materials)

PSLA (all) Internship Smithsonian Gardens
1.2.20   LARC Internship AECOM
12.20.19 2.15.20 PSLA Internship Swarthmore Arboretum
12.19.19   PSLA (All) Job

Pearlstone Retreat Center and Farm

 12.19.19  1.10.20 and
PSLA (All) Internships


12.18.19  1.26.20 LARC Job

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

12.6.19 1.15.19 LARC Internship

Brookside Gardens Summer Internship

11.29.19  not indicated LARC Job

Jonathan CECI Landscape Architects

11.27.19  not indicated PSLA Internship

Kube-Pak Greenhouses, New Jersey

11.25.19 12.23.19 PSLA Job


11.22.19 11.27.19 PSLA Job

UME-Food Consumer Sciences

11.15.19  not indicated PSLA Job

UMD AGNR-Family and Consumer Sciences

11.15.19 not indicated LARC Internship

Barks Road

11.15.19 11.21.19 PSLA (Postdocs) Job

BRS (USA Jobs)

11.14.19 not indicated LARC Internships

DS Thaler & Associates

11.12.19 not indicated AGST/PLSC Job


11.7.19 not indicated LARC Internships

Summerhill Landscapes Inc

11.5.19 not indicated LARC Internships


11.4.19 not indicated LARC Internship


11.4.19 not indicated LARC Job

Jennifer Horn Landscape Architecture 

10.31.19 not indicated PSLA Internships

Green Circle Growers

10.29.19 not indicated LARC Job

Landmarks Design

10.17.19 not indicated PSLA Job

Baltimore Orioles

10.15.19 1.1.20 PSLA Job

UMD-Extension Wye REC

10.15.19 11.13.19 PSLA Job

UMD Extension-Lower Shore Cluster

10.11.19  not indicated  PSLA Internship


2020 Sports Turf Management Internship




LARC-(Alum) Job




PSLA Job-Alumni (Faculty Position)

UMD Extension-UMBC Columbus Center


not indicated




not indicated

PSLA Internship Concord Country Club

not indicated

PSLA Internship Professional Grounds, Inc

not indicated


10.9.19 (Charles County)

10.11.19 (Kent County)

PSLA Job (s) UMD Extension-Charles and Kent County
9.26.19 10.3.19 PSLA Job USDA-APHIS
9.26.19 multiple LARC Internships DTJ Design Firm
9.20.19 10.17.19 PSLA Job AGNR-CIT-Information Technology
9.18.19 not indicated LARC Job AMT-LLC (Contact: Mary Marcinko)
9.18.19 9.24.19 LARC (Alum) Job State of Maryland
9.17.19 11.15.19 PSLA (Alum) Job Department of Entomology (UMD)
9.13.19  not indicated PSLA Jobs Maryland Sea Grant
9.11.19 9.25.19 PSLA Job UMD-AREC
9.6.19 not indicated LARC Internships Design Workshop
8.29.19 not indicated PSLA Job AGNR-Extension Family and Consumer Sciences
8.29.19 not indicated LARC (Alum) Job Kimmel Studio
8.29.19 not indicated PSLA Job AGNR-Extension Family and Consumer Sciences
8.21.19 9.30.19 LARC Job PELA
8.20.19 9.6.19 LARC Job(s) Walker Macy
8.19.19 not indicated PSLA Internships Maryland Sierra Club
8.6.19 9.17.19 PSLA Job United States Botanical Gardens