External Job & Internship Opportunities

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Disclaimer: We are sharing these opportunities with relevant students and alumni in our department. Sharing this opportunity does not constitute a recommendation on this unit’s part. Please always use proper caution when contacting and making arrangements. Thank you.

Employers: If you are interested in sharing any job opportunities you have available with our students, please email pslapostings@umd.edu. Please include your contact information and an ad for the job opportunity. If you wish to post campus wide, please visit Career4Terps directly. Thank you!

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Date Received Approximate Deadlines

Relevant Students/Alumni

Category Organization
5.19.23 7.15.23 PSLA Fellowship Maryland Dept. of Forestry
5.19.23 not indicated PSLA Job (Summer) UMD ENST
5.17.23 not indicated PSLA Internship UMD Dept. Entomology 
5.8.23 not indicated PSLA Internship

William Heritage Winery

4.17.23 not indicated PSLA Job Schramm, Williams & Associates, Inc.
4.17.23 not indicated PSLA Internships Chesapeake Conservancy
4.12.23 4.21.23 PSLA Internship Little Portion Farm
3.31.23 multiple PSLA Jobs


Administrative Assistant II (Office/Finance-UME Howard)


Administrative Assistant II (4-H-UME-Howard)


Business Services Specialist (Home and Garden-UME)

3.27.23 not indicated PSLA/LARC Jobs Express Employment Pros
3.23.23 Review of complete application begins 5.15.23 PLSC-Alumni Job The Ohio State University
3.23.23 4.21.23 PSLA Internship University of Maryland Wye Research and Education Center
3.22.23 not indicated PSLA Job Maryland Forest Service
3.22.23 not indicated PLSC/AGST Internships USDA ARS Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Laboratory (Beltsville, MD)
01.17.23 02.02.23 PSLA Job

(Open Position) MDOT SHA Office Of Environmental Design Landscape Programs Division


11.29.22 Multiple PSLA Internships Refugia
11.28.22 1.22.23 (11:59PM) LARC Internship Stantec
11.28.22 2.1.23 PSLA Internships

Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

Hamilton Educational Fellowship: https://www.jenkinsarboretum.org/fellowship/
Horticulture Internship: https://www.jenkinsarboretum.org/intern-hort/

Education & Outreach Internship: https://www.jenkinsarboretum.org/intern-ed/

11.27.22 12.7.22 PSLA Job NYS Department of Transportation 
11.23.22 3.3.23 LARC Internship Land Design, Inc.
11.3.22 not indicated LARC-Alumni Job MRA
11.2.22 not indicated LARC Internship DS Thaler
10.31.22 not indicated PSLA Job Maryland Sea Grant
10.27.22 12.2.22 PSLA-Graduate Students Job UME
10.24.22 multiple PSLA Jobs USDA New Vacancies for the Week of October 24, 2022
10.19.22 multiple PSLA Jobs Penn State Extension
10.18.22 10.28.22 PSLA Job UMD: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/100912
10.17.22 not indicated HORT/LARC Job https://jll.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/jllcareers/details/Landscape-Operations-Manager_REQ248711?q=horticulture
10.17.22 not indicated HORT/PLSC Job https://jll.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/jllcareers/details/Horticulturist-III--Living-Wall-Specialist_REQ248713?q=horticulture
10.17.22 not indicated HORT/PLSC Job https://jll.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/jllcareers/details/Horticulturist-III--Greenhouse-Operations-Manager-_REQ250692?q=horticulture
10.14.22   LARC Jobs Campion Hruby Landscape Architects
10.14.22 not indicated LARC Job (entry level) Low Impact Development Center
10.13.22 10.25.22 LARC Job Maryland Department of Planning
10.10.22 multiple PSLA Jobs USDA New Vacancies for the Week of October 10, 2022 (as of October 11, 2022)
10.7.22 multiple PSLA Jobs UMD/UME: Position Announcements -

Institute of Applied Agriculture - Business Manager 

Cecil County Project Leader and Nutrition Educator

Dorchester County Project Leader and Nutrition Educator 

Kent County Project Leader and Nutrition Educator 

Queen Anne’s County Project Leader and Nutrition Educator 

Worcester County Project Leader and Nutrition Educator 

10.1.22 10.7.22 LARC Job NYSDOT
9.28.22 not indicated PSLA Job Edgewood Community Farm
8.15.22 9.5.22 PSLA Job UME Home and Garden Information Center
8.8.22 not indicated LARC Job Urban LTD (job announcement here)