External Job & Internship Opportunities

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Disclaimer: We are sharing these opportunities with relevant students and alumni in our department. Sharing this opportunity does not constitute a recommendation on this unit’s part. Please always use proper caution when contacting and making arrangements. Thank you.

Employers: If you are interested in sharing any job opportunities you have available with our students, please email pslapostings@umd.edu. Please include your contact information and an ad for the job opportunity. If you wish to post campus wide, please visit Career4Terps directly. Thank you!

External Job & Internship Opportunities

Date Received Approximate Deadlines

Relevant Students/Alumni

 Category Organization
8.15.22 9.5.22 PSLA Job UME Home and Garden Information Center
5.13.22 6.1.22 LARC Alumni Job/Teaching Position (in PSLA) UMD LARC Program 
5.12.22 not indicated PSLA Job University of New Hampshire
5.10.22 5.17.22 LARC Internships SWA Balsey
5.9.22 multiple PSLA Jobs New Vacancies for the week of May 9, 2022
5.9.22 not indicated PSLA Job Love Manor, LLC (job description); application
5.6.22 not indicated LARC Job EN Engineering
4.25.22 multiple PSLA Jobs New Vacancies for the week of April 25, 2022
4.23.22 not indicated PSLA Job Licking Creek Bend Farm
4.20.22 not indicated LARC Jobs/Internships Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects
4.18.22 not indicated LARC Alumni Job Longwood Gardens: Open position: Project Manager, Horticulture Design Studio, Longwood Gardens
4.18.22 multiple PSLA Jobs New Vacancies for the week of April 18, 2022
4.13.22 not indicated PLSC (Hort) Job Gardenology
4.11.22 not indicated PSLA Job (Seasonal) Chesapeake Conservatory
4.11.22   LARC Job Cite Design
4.10.22 not indicated PSLA Internship NeighborSpace of Baltimore County: 

Seasonal Paid Intern

Office Administrator

4.8.22   PSLA Internships Agroecology Lab/Hughes Institute (UMD)
4.1.22 not indicated LARC Jobs Unity Landscape Design Build
4.1.22 multiple PSLA Jobs

4H Agent Associate (Dorchester County) # 103478

Sea Grant Watershed Agent Associate (North Maryland Cluster) # 118154

Coordinator #103228 

4.1.22  4.5.22 AGST/PLSC Job Natural Resources Conservation (NRCS)
3.29.22 4.30.22 PSLA Internships

Fairfax County Parks Authority: Please email a letter of interest,

resume and contact information for two references to Patricia Greenberg at  patricia.greenberg@fairfaxcounty.gov

3.28.22 multiple PSLA Jobs New Vacancies for the Week of March 28, 2022
3.22.22 not indicated PSLA (recent graduates) Jobs Birchwood Arboretum 
3.17.22 4.4.22 PSLA Job UMD
3.14.22 3.31.22 PLSC/AGST (Alumni) Job UW-Madison
3.11.22 not indicated LARC Job Low Impact Development Center
3.11.22 not indicated PSLA Jobs US Arboretum
3.10.22 3.18.22 LARC Internship Oeheme, Van Sweden
3.8.22 not indicated LARC Job Gamble Design Collaborative
3.8.22 3/25/22 PSLA Job UMD-PSLA
3.7.22 Multiple PSLA Jobs USDA ARS Vacancies
3.7.22 Not indicated PSLA Internship UMD Plant Diagnostic Lab
3.4.22 Not indicated LARC Jobs OTLA
3.4.22 Not indicated LARC  Internship Bartz Landscaping
3.4.22 4.1.22 LARC Alumni Job NYSDOT
3.3.22 3.11.22 PSLA Internships UME
3.1.22 Not indicated PSLA Internships Careers 4 Terps
2.22.22 Multiple PSLA Jobs USDA ARS Vacancies
2.17.22 3.18.22 PLSC (recent alum) Job UME
2.17.22 3.21.22 PSLA Job Swarthmore 
2.15.22 not indicated LARC Job Sparks @ Play (Contact: Kate Sparks Kate@huntvalleycontractors.com)
2.14.22 3.15.22 PSLA Internship LSU Coastal Studio Summer Institute
2.12.22 2.20.22 PSLA Job UMD-Vet Med
2.11.22 multiple PSLA Jobs AGNR
2.7.22 3.15.22 LARC-MLA Internship Smithsonian Gardens
1.22.22 Deadline extended: 2.9.22 LARC Alumni Job NYSDOT
2.3.22 not indicated LARC Internship SOLTESZ (Contact: Kristin Hamrick)
2.3.22 multiple PSLA Jobs

Frederick County 4-H Agent: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/92022

IT Programmer I: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/92211

IT Programmer II: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/92193

2.2.22 not indicated PSLA Job Professional Grounds, Inc
2.1.22 2.7.22 PSLA Job Natural Areas Conservancy 
2.1.22 5.19.22 PLSC (grads) Job  USDA-ARS-ETSARC
2.1.22 multiple PSLA Jobs UMD AGNR
1.31.22 not indicated LARC Internship MVVA (Contact: Alexia Friend)
1.28.22 not indicated (to be filled ASAP) LARC Alumni Job DMW (Daft, McCune, Walker)
1.28.22 not indicated LARC Job Love & Carrots 
1.28.22 not indicated PSLA Job Green Infrastructure 
1.28.22 not indicated PSLA Job  JEDI Americorps Vista
1.27.22 before 2.18.22 PSLA-Alumni Job Virginia Tech
1.25.22 not indicate PSLA Jobs Barks Road
1.24.22 not indicated PSLA Jobs + Internships VIKA
1.23.22 not indicated PSLA Job Columbia Association
1.21.22 1.28.22 PSLA-Graduate Students Internship UMD Alumni Association 
1.19.22 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 1.17.22
1.14.22 1.31.22 PSLA Internship CREW Baltimore: Membership ; Scholarship/Internship
1.14.22 2.1.22 PLSC-HORT Internship + Fellowship Jenkins Arboretum
1.12.22 1.22.22 LARC (Alumni) Jobs NYSDOT Region 11
1.12.22 1.17.22 PSLA Jobs Western Maryland RC&D Inc.
1.12.22 1.17.22 PSLA Jobs USDA-NRCS
1.10.22 not indicated LARC Internship AECOM-Cleveland
1.10.22 2.20.22 LARC Internship Stantec Landscape Architecture
1.10.22 3.1.22 PSLA Internship Berkshire Botanical Garden and The Trustees of Reservations in Stockbridge, MA
1.7.22 not indicated PLSC-Hort Students Jobs (temporary) USDA-ARS (Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Lab)
1.5.22 1.31.22 PSLA Jobs HS-POWER Program
1.5.22 2.13.22 PSLA Fellowship/Internship MCC Conservation Fellows - AmeriCorps positions
1.4.22 1.7.22 PSLA Internship MANO Project
12.18.21   PSLA Internship (Graduate) UMD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 
12.13.21 2.1.22 LARC Internship OLIN
12.10.21 not indicated PSLA Jobs BWI
12.1.21 no deadline PSLA Internship Ripple
12.1.21 12.15.21 LARC Internship GGN
11.30.21 see postings LARC Jobs Neighborhood Design Center
11.30.21 open until filled LARC-Alumni Jobs CELA
11.29.21 not indicated PSLA Job Curio Wellness
11.22.21 not indicated PLSC-HORT Job Maryland Zoo
11.22.21 not indicated PSLA Jobs ARS Vancancies 11.22.21
11.19.21 not indicated PSLA Internship

Walters Gardens


11.17.21 2.28.22 LARC Internship LandDesign
11.17.21 not indicated LARC/LARC Alum Internship + Jobs


MLA: https://viadesignarchitects.com/internship/

Recent Graduates: https://viadesignarchitects.com/careers/

    PLSC/HORT Internship Chevy Chase Club Horticulture Department
    LARC Internship SWA/Balsley
11.11.21 not indicated LARC Job KIMMEL STUDIO ARCHITECTS
11.7.21 not indicated PSLA Job Chick Landscaping
11.4.21 not indicated LARC Jobs VIKA
11.3.21 multiple PSLA Job ARS Vacancies (11.3.12)
10.25.21 not indicated PSLA Job Maxalea, Inc.
10.21.21 not indicated LARC Jobs  J2 Engineers
10.21.21 not indicated PSLA Jobs US Forestry: SAFTech Position; SAFForester Position
10.18.21 not indicated LARC Jobs (Alumni) WSP Baltimore
10.15.21 10.22.21 PSLA Job AGNR-UME-Baltimore City
10.14.21 not indicated LARC Jobs

Oldtowne Landscape Architects 

Send resumes to Jared@otlainc.com

10.12.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies (10.11.21)
10.8.21 10.15.21 PSLA Job (Part-time) Neighborhood Design Center
10.8.21 not indicated LARC-Alumni Job AMT (A. Morton Thompson and Associates)
10.5.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies (10.5.21)
9.29.21 10.29.21 LARC Job National Wildlife Federation
9.28.21 not indicated PSLA Jobs Anne Arundel Public Schools
9.28.21 not indicated AGST Job Culpeper County High School
9.17.21 not indicated LARC Job

Central Kenilworth Avenue Revitalization Community Development Corporation

9.10.21   LARC (Alumni) Jobs VIA Design
9.10.21 multiple PSLA Jobs JIFSAN-CFS3 

Administrative Assistant II: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/86927

Storekeeper III: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/86882

9.10.21 multiple PSLA Jobs


Coordinator (Farm Stress Management Program) - Position # 126619: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/86906

Coordinator, Social Justice & Civic Engagement (4-H) - Position # 126578: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/86998

9.10.21 10.8.21 PSLA Internship Break Through Tech DC - Sprinternship
9.10.21 multiple PSLA Jobs Ruppert Landscape
9.7.21 multiple PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 9.7.21
9.3.21 n/a PSLA Jobs AGNR-UME (Program Director; Agent Associate-4H-Dorchester County)
9.2.21 11.15.21 PSLA Job Clemson University
8.30.21 n/a PSLA Jobs ARS Vacancies 8.30.21
8.27.21 n/a PSLA Job Pro Lawn Plus
8.3.21 n/a LARC Job Plusen Landscape Architects