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Laboratory and office facilities

The majority of laboratory and office facilities for faculty in the Department are located at the College Park campus in the Plant Sciences Building. Well-equipped laboratories for chemical, physical, and mineralogical determinations of soil and plant properties are located in both buildings. Controlled-temperature storage and growth chambers provide facilities for post-harvest and environmental control studies. Laboratory instrumentation provides for chromatography, spectrophotometry, elemental analysis, tissue culture, genetic engineering and transformation, gel electrophoresis, radio-labeling, x-ray diffraction and fluorescence, and other procedures. Greenhouse facilities on campus are available for research with turfgrass, floricultural and ornamental plants, and are used for research in crop breeding, crop production and protection, and weed control.

Education and Research Centers

The Maryland Agriculture Experiment Station operates research and education centers across the state. Orchards for research with fruits are located at the Western Maryland Research and Education Center near Sharpsburg. Crops, horticulture and soils research is also conducted at this center and at four other Research and Education Centers that are strategically located throughout Maryland. The Central Maryland Research and Education Center includes the Clarksville Facility, Turfgrass Research and Education Facility (Beltsville), Beltsville Field Unit (Laurel), and the Southern Maryland Research and Education Facility (Upper Marlboro). At this center a variety of agronomic, horticultural and environmental research is conducted. East of the Chesapeake Bay agronomic, horticultural and environmental studies are conducted at three locations: Wye Research and Education Center (Queenstown), and the Lower Eastern Shore Research and Education Center (Poplar Hill and Salisbury Facilities). In addition to the experiments at the Research Centers, many experiments are conducted with cooperating laboratories at USDA-Beltsville, cooperating farmers, and industry throughout the state.

Federal Agencies

The University of Maryland is located between Beltsville, Maryland and Washington D.C. Thus, it is located near the headquarters and principal laboratories of several federal agencies. The National Agriculture Library is only three miles from the campus and is readily available to graduate students. Scientists from the USDA at Beltsville, the Geological Survey, the National Academy of Sciences, NASA, National Institute of Health, Department of Energy, Smithsonian, National Park Service, as well as other agencies, have cooperated with the Department's faculty on various projects. Scientists from some of these agencies have adjunct appointments in the Department, have taught special courses at the University, and participate on graduate committees. Cooperation with these agencies also provides opportunities for consultation with leading scientists and financial support of graduate studies. Some students obtain part-time work at these agencies which can be a valuable part of their training.

Greenhouse Manager

Mr. Sydney Wallace


Mr. Shaun Faulkner

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