Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in PSLA

PSLA is committed to the historical land grant mission the University of Maryland was founded upon; a mission addressing inequality in access to education and opportunity.  Disparities in access and opportunity among communities have increased.  We believe our department has a moral obligation to address these disparities.  These concerns elevate our emphasis on issues around DEIR and inform our operational beliefs: shared governance is the foundation for fair and equitable decision making; everyone has work to do around DEIR issues; diversity results in better decision making and more creative science and teaching; and the composition of our department should reflect the diversity of the residents of Maryland.



The PSLA DEIR Initiatives

Our plan is a living document. We will be regularly updating this document, clarifying roles and responsibilities, putting tighter timeframes and benchmarks on the action steps, and tracking progress. As part of our commitment, we will regularly report out on progress through public gatherings, public-facing materials, and on our website.

Our DEIR Strategic Plan

Our Activities

October 2021

November 2021

December 2021

Multicultural Departmental Potluck


DEIR Committee Members

Do you want to make a positive difference in PSLA through enhancing the environment of diversity and inclusion? Join our committee! We are open to employees and students in PSLA.

Current members

Chris Ellis, Professor 

Nidhi Rawat, Associate Professor 

Naomi Sachs, Assistant Professor 

Jianhua Zhu, Associate Professor 

Byoung-Suk Kweon, Associate Professor 

Maile Neel, Professor 

Bridget Stokes, Graduate Student, MLA Program

Marcina Garner, Executive Administrative Assistant (Chair)

Shaun Faulkner, Facilities Manager

Hannah Lee Savio, Graduate Student, MLA Program

Dennis Nola, Lecturer

Wennett Jones, Business Manager

Diana Cochran, Assistant Clinical Professor

Meghan Holbert, Agricultural Technician Supervisor

Audrey Fann, Graduate Student, MLA Program

Macarena Farcuh, Assistant Professor

Lovepreet Singh, PhD Candidate, PLSC Program


Your Feedback is Welcomed

Your participation is critical. We will have multiple ways for you to provide feedback and engage throughout the semester and welcome additional suggestions on how this should happen.

Campus Resources

  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    The Office of Diversity & Inclusion provides expertise and leadership at the University of Maryland to enrich the experiences of individuals, to build stronger communities, and to create a more just and compassionate world.

  • University Strategic Plan
    The plan is comprehensive, bold, and action oriented. It sets forth a vision of the university as an institution unmatched in its capacity to attract talent, address the most important issues of our time, and produce the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Center for Leadership & Organizational Change (CLOC)
    Using our strengths in organizational development and tools from Gallup, CLOC helps nurture a culture of engagement and inclusion where faculty and staff work with passion, feel a profound connection to their workplace, and are empowered to succeed.

  • Thriving Workplace Initiative
    This initiative, sponsored by the Office of the President, is dedicated to making the University of Maryland “the best place to work.” The Thriving Workplace Initiative is viewed as a strategic investment in the university’s staff and faculty to ensure that their voices are heard and that they feel valued for their important work.

  • Multifaith Religious Calendar (AY 2022-2023)