Spring 2024 PSLA Seminars

January 31, 2024

Seminars for this semester will be held on Mondays at 12:00 PM virtually and in person where indicated. Seminars are hybrid.  If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please notify the host faculty member. Questions? Contact Seminar Co-Chairs Dr. Vijay Tiwari or Dr. Colby Silvert


Guest Speaker:

Presentation Title

Virtual/In person


Faculty Host:

Sponsor: Recordings:
2.5.24 Yunde Zhao, PhD

Improving gene editing technology for auxin research: surprising findings

In person UC-San Diego Yiping Qi    
2.12.24 David Cook, PhD Impacting Agriculture through Basic Science  Virtual  Kansas State U Graduate Students    
2.19.24 Pat Heist, PhD

Using Fermentation Science to Start a Successful Business.

In Person   Diana Cochran    
2.26.24 Kelly Lemon, MLA 

Food, productive landscapes, and healthcare and mental/behavioral health environments.

In Person UIUC LARC    
3.4.24 Juan Debarnardi, PhD UC Davis Plant Transformation Facility: Supporting plant research community with improved plant transformation and genome editing technologies. In person UC Davis Vijay Tiwari    
3.11.24 Dr. Rebecca Bart, PhD Genetics, genomics and epigenomics for sustainable crop improvement.  In-person The Bart Lab at Danforth Center Nidhi Rawat    
3.25.24 Stephanie Sjoberg A day in the life of a plant breeder, an industry perspective In-person   Daniel Rodriguz-Leal    
4.1.24 Moon Kim, PhD TBD In-person USDA Beltsville Fereshteh Shahoveisi    
No Seminar               
4.15.24 Jorge Fonseca, PhD

Toward Natural Resource Optimization and Sustainability: An interdisciplinary approach to food quality

In-person USDA Belstville Macarena Farcuh    
4.22.24 Nicholas Santantonio, PhD TBD In-person Virginia Tech Vijay Tiwari/ Colby Silvert     
4.29.24 Macarena Farcuh, PhD TBD In-person UMD Internal Faculty    


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