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Minors available:

Agricultural Science & Technology

Areas of Interest:

  • Agronomy

  • Environmental Horticulture 

This minor will provide students with an appreciation and understanding of sustainable agricultural crop production.

The core courses provide students with a basic foundation in plant science while supporting courses allow students to broaden their focus in different areas of agriculture. Students can select their courses in either agronomy or environmental horticulture.

The PSLA Department has mandatory faculty advising for each of its major and minor programs. Students are required to meet with their faculty advisor at least twice a year. To insure appropriate academic advising, students who wish to pursue a minor should inform both the college responsible for their major and the unit offering the minor as early as possible, but in no case later than one full academic year before the expected date of graduation. When a student has completed all requirements for the minor, the unit offering the minor shall notify the student’s college, which verifies that the student has met all requirements and officially notifies the Registrar’s Office. The completion of a minor is posted on the student’s official transcript only when the student completes all requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

Look over the Advising Sheet for the Agricultural Science & Technology Minor to review the requirements for this minor. You can view course titles, descriptions, and learning outcomes on our Learning Outcomes page.

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Dr. Bill Phillips

Dr. Bill Phillips, Agronomy 
Director, Assistant Clinical Professor, and Advisor for Agronomy
301-405-1061 |

If you are intersted in Environmental Science & Policy: Environment and Agriculture you may also contact Dr. Phillips for more information!

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Diana Cochran

Dr. Diana Cochran, Environmental Horticulture

Assistant Clinical Professor & Advisor for Environmental Horticulture

301-405-6244 | 

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Diana Cortez

Diana Cortez, General Questions

Academic Advisor & Lecturer

301-405-4359 | 


Landscape Management

Areas of Interest:

  • Landscape horticulture

  • Landscape business management

  • Landscape design/build

  • Project management

Landscape Management trains students for management positions in the landscape industry.
This concentration has been discontinued beginning in the Spring of 2019; the minor is still available.

The curriculum combines plant science, design and business management courses enabling graduates to meet the challenges of careers in the green industry. The Landscape Management minor provides students with a foundation in plant sciences and business management.  The required science courses lead to an integrative understanding of plant growth and development and the plant’s responses to its environment.  These courses also teach students the skills needed to recommend best management practices and to identify plant abnormalities in the landscape.  The business courses in this minor foster an understanding of the business structure, human resource management and financial management associated with landscape management companies. 

The landscape industry has a strong demand for landscape management graduates.  Local, regional and national landscape contracting companies have been experiencing annual growth rates of 20 percent.  As a result there are significantly more jobs available than there are graduates trained in this field.  Offering a minor in this discipline will enable more University of Maryland students to take advantage of these career opportunities.

Career Opportunities

The landscape management industry is a multi-billion industry. Recent mergers have resulted in the development of landscape management corporations with career opportunities throughout the United States. These corporations have also become multifaceted with divisions in design/build, maintenance and environmental design. The rapid expansion of the industry has created a strong demand for management personnel. Some examples of career paths:

  • Landscape managers responsible for commercial property maintenance and enhancements.

  • Landscape project managers for residential and commercial landscape and development.

  • Landscape designers for commercial and residential landscapes, seasonal color displays, and landscape enhancements.

  • Environmental managers for mitigation project development and subsequent monitoring.

  • Horticulture division managers for botanical gardens and zoos with responsibilities for plant collection acquisition, management, and displays.

  • Park department supervisors responsible for landscape development and management.


Look over the Advising Sheet for Landscape Management Minor to review the requirements for this minor.

  • You can view course titles, descriptions, and learning outcomes on our Learning Outcomes page.

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Dr. Mark Carroll

Dr. Mark Carroll

Associate Professor, Director for ENSP, & Advisor
301-405-1339 |

Diana Cortez

Diana Cortez, General Questions

Academic Advisor & Lecturer

301-405-4359 | 


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