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What we do

Strawberry Fields Forever

"New wireless sensor technology from UMD is helping farmers better protect crops from frost, reduce water usage and cut down on fertilizer—all to enhance production of juicy, red strawberries." -UMD

UMD Elevates Rooftop Farming

"Urban rooftops are underutilized spaces to grow food. To help increase food production and improve regional food and nutritional security, UMD has partnered with Up Top Acres - a DC based farm operator - to develop best practices for integrating rooftop farming with green roof technology. Maryland researchers Dr. John Lea-Cox and Dr. Andrew Ristvey are spearheading the University of Maryland Urban Farm Integrated Research and Extension Program: Green Roof Food Production. They are overseeing research and implementing new technologies to monitor soil moisture, develop agricultural substrates for rooftops, and mitigate storm water runoff." - UMD

AGNR Green Leadership

"The University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has formed a team of faculty and staff to advance its strategic initiative of "Optimizing Urban Environments Through Design, Green Technology, and Community Engagement." This team will be a facilitator for inclusive, collaborative partnerships that develop and disseminate trans-disciplinary technologies and solutions to the complex, multi-faceted, and interconnected problems created by the built environment." - UMD AGNR

Helping Hops

"The University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is collaborating with Flying Dog Brewery on a local hop production initiative. Development of the highest quality ingredients is top priority for these partners as they aim to cultivate and expand the hop farming industry on the east coast, starting with Maryland’s unique climate. #UMDdiscovers" - UMD

Maryland Invents New Apple

The First apple patented by the University of Maryland. Antietam Blush, 30 years in the making.

Community impact

A Guerrilla Gardener in South Central LA