Faculty, Lecturers and Post Doctoral Associates

Our faculty members make up the Instructional Areas that include Plant Biology & Biotechnology, Sustainable Agricultural Production & Technology, as well as Landscape Architecture & Landscape Management. 


Please click on the faculty names below for more information. Names are listed alphabetically

  Contact Information Research Focus
Carol Allen


Carol Allen

Agent Associate in Food Safety

email: callen12@umd.edu | room: PLS 2125E | Phone: 301.405.7543

  • Optimizing water quality
  • Fruit and vegetable crop production to meet current food safety requirements
Dr. Andrew Baldwin


Dr. Andrew Baldwin

Affiliate Professor 

email: baldwin@umd.edu | ENST | phone: 301.405.7855

  • coastal and restored wetland ecosystems
  • Plant-microbe interactions in coastal wetlands, effects of plant species on bacterial, archaeal, and mycorrhizal communities
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Benjamin Beale

Affiliate Principal Agent 

email: bbeale@umd.edu | St. Mary's County | phone: 301.475.4481


  • Southern Maryland Cluster
  • Agronomic Crop Production
  • Fruits & Vegetables Crops
  • Beginning Farmer
  • Herbicide Resistant Weed Management
  Bryan Butler


Bryan Butler

Affiliate Principal Agent

email: bbutlers@umd.edu | UME- Carroll County | phone: 410.386.2760

  • Tree Fruits
  • Vegetables High Tunnels
  • Small Fruit
  • Hops and Barley


  Mark Carroll


Dr. Mark Carroll

Associate Professor and Director, Environmental Science and Policy Program

email: mcarroll@umd.edu | room: PLS 2132 | Phone: 301.405.1339


  • Turfgrass
  • Water Quality
  • Nutrients
  • Pesticides
  • Runoff
  • Organic Lawn Care
Dr. Caren Chang


Dr. Caren Chang

Affiliate Professor

email: carenc@umd.edu | phone: 301.405.1643

  • ethylene hormone signaling
Dr. David Clement


Dr. David Clement

Affiliate Principal Agent, Home & Garden Information Center (HGIC)

email: clement@umd.edu | phone: 410.531.558



  • Plant Pathology
  • Ornamental IPM
  • Ornamental Diseases
  • Ornamental Disease Management
Diana Cochran


Dr. Diana Cochran

Assistant Clinical Professor

email: cochrand@umd.edu | room: PLS 2133 | Phone: 301.405.4336

  • Commercial crop production
  • Crop diversification
  • Relationship between plants and environmental variables
  • Sustainable in-season crop management practices
DR. Gary Coleman

Dr. Gary Coleman

Associate Professor

email: gcoleman@umd.edu | room: PLS 6142 | Phone: 301.405.4371

  • Tree growth and development
  • Nitrogen Storage
  • Bud Dormancy
  • Plant Adaptation
  • Nitrogen-use efficiency

Dr. James Culver

Dr. James Culver


email: jculver@umd.edu | room: PLS 6139 | phone: 301.405.2912

  • Virology
  • Nanotechnology


Allen Davis

Allen Davis

Affiliate Professor

email: apdavis@umd.edu | CEE | phone: 301.405.1958

Christopher Ellis

Dr. Christopher Ellis

Professor, LARC Director & MLA Program Chair

email: cdellis@umd.edu | room: PLS 2144 | phone: 301.405.7782

  • Planning and design for sustainable land development
  • Landscape ecology & environmental perception
  • Information technology for landscape planning and design
  • Geographic modeling and analysis of built and natural systems
Dr. John Erwin


Dr. John Erwin

Professor and Chair

email: jerwin@umd.edu | room: PLS 2104 | phone: 301.405.4356

  • Environmental control of plant growth in greenhouses and controlled environment agriculture
  • Identifying ways to maximize flowering, photosynthesis and yield using different
    lighting and temperature strategies
  • Manipulating the environment in controlled environment systems to maximize
    edible crop nutritional value.
  • Identifying new production strategies to reduce chemical use, environmental input and labor costs.
  • Identifying strategies to facilitate heat and drought tolerant crops to improve plant
    resilience in a changing climate.
  • Identifying new ornamental crops that are heat and drought tolerant.
Kate Everts


Dr. Katheryne Everts

Professor & Director- Wye Research Center

email: keverts@umd.edu | phone: 410.742.8780 x305

  • Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum
  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
  • Sustainable management of soilborne diseases
  • Vegetable disease forecasting for reducing fungicide use
  • Epidemiology of vegetable diseases
 Dr. Macarena Farcuh


Dr. Macarena Farcuh

Assistant Professor

email: mfarcuh@umd.edu | room:PLS 2116 phone:301.405.1323

  • Fruit quality
  • Fruit ripening
  • Postharvest physiology
  • Fruit biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Fruit safety
  • Fruit hormonal balance
Dr. Jose Fiejo 


Jose Feijo 

Affiliate Professor

email: jfeijo@umd.edu | CMNS | phone: 301.405.4906

Angela Ferreli 


Dr. Angela Ferelli

Agent Associate

email: angfer@umd.edu | room: PLS 2126 | phone: 302.353.7159


  • Food safety of Fresh Produce 
  • Foodborne pathogen ecology in agricultural environments 
  • Agricultural water quality 
  • Food Safety Modernization Act Educator


Dr. Nicole Fiorellino

Dr. Nicole Fiorellino

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

email: nfiorell@umd.edu | room: PLS 2124 | phone: 301.405.6241

  • Adaptive nitrogen management
  • Alternative crops
  • Long-term phytoremediation of soils with high phosphorus concentrations
Dr. Mengjun Hu

Dr. Mengjun Hu

Assistant Professor

email: mjhu@umd.edu | room: PLS 2106 | phone: 301.405.5586

  • Plant Pathology
  • Grape and Small Fruit Disease
  • Fungicide Resistance and Its Mechanisms
Byoung-Suk Kweon


Dr. Byoung-Suk Kweon, PLA

Associate Professor

email: kweonb@umd.edu | room:  PLS 2140 | phone: 301.405.4341

  • Environmental behavior
  • Environment and health 
  • School and Children's Environment
  • Landscape Performance
  • Urban Agriculture
John Lea-Cox


Dr. John Lea-Cox


email: jlc@umd.edu | room: PLS 2120 | phone: 301.405.4323

Curriculum Vitae

  • Recycling of water
  • Green Roof Systems
  • Wireless sensor networks for resource management
  • Water-borne pathogen management
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James Lewis

 Affiliate Senior Agent

email: jlewis2@umd.edu | UME-Caroline County | phone: 410.479.4030

  • Agronomy
  • Caroline County
  • Mid-Shore Cluster
Dr. Zhongchi Liu


Dr. Zhongchi Liu

Affiliate Professor

email: zliu@umd.edu | phone: 301.405.1586

  • Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics
Dr. Shirley Micallef

Dr.Shirley Micallef

Associate Professor

email: smicall@umd.edu |room: PLS 2126 

phone: 301.405.4369

  • Food safety of fresh produce
  • Rhizosphere and phyllosphere bacterial interactions
  • Microbial ecology
  • Plant exudate biology
  • Environmental detection of human pathogens
Dr. Angus Murphy

Dr. Angus Murphy


email: asmurphy@umd.edu | room: PLS 5140 | phone: 301.405.7156

  • Auxin Transport
  • ABC Transporter
  • Phototropism
  • Membrane nano domains
  • Hormone/Herbicide crosstalk
Dr. David Myers

Dr. David Myers

Associate Professor

email: dnmyers@umd.edu | room:PLS 2146 |phone: 301.405.4350

  • Green Infrastructure
  • Ecological Design
  • Greenway design and planning
  • Residential environments
  • Conservation design and planning
Ronald Myers


Ronald Myers

Affiliate Principal Agent 

email: myersrd@umd.edu | Anne Arundel County | phone: 410.222.3906 

  • Fruits & Vegetables Crops
  • Agronomy Field Crops
  • Weed Science
  • Pesticide Use & Safety
  • No-Tillage Technology
  • Pasture & Hay Production
Dr. Maile Neel

Dr. Maile Neel


email: mneel@umd.edu | room: PLS 6117 |phone: 301.405.9780

  • Habitat Fragmentation and the Spatial Distribution of Biological Diversity
  • Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation
Dennis Nola

Mr. Dennis Nola, PLA, ASLA

Instructor, BLA Program Chair

email: dnola@umd.edu | room: PLS 2138 | phone: 301.405.0066

  • Urban agriculture and social justice of equitable urban revilatization
Mitch Pavao-Zuckerman


Mitch Pavao-Zuckerman

Affiliate Assistant Professor 

email: mpzucker@umd.edu | ENST | phone: 301.405.1178

  • Urban ecosystems, green infrastructure function, and ecosystem services
  • Social-ecological systems, ecosystem services, and ecological resilience
Dr. Wendy Peer


Dr. Wendy Peer

Affiliate Associate Professor

email: wapeer@umd.edu | ENST | phone: 301.405.5491

  • Auxin homeostasis
  • Flavonoid function
  • Plant growth regulators/invasive species
  • Metal-center proteins
Dr. Bill Phillips


Dr. Bill Phillips

Assistant Clinical Professor

email: billii@umd.edu | room: PLS 2131 | phone: 301.405.1061


  • interactions between agronomic crop plants and weeds
Dr. Naomi Sachs


Dr. Naomi Sachs

Assistant Professor

email: nsachs@umd.edu | room: PLS 2134 | phone: 301.405.1602

  • Application of the Healthcare Garden Evaluation Toolkit (H-GET) in healthcare and beyond
  • Design for Mental and Behavioral Health Environments
  • Correlations between Urban Greenspace and Violent Crime
  • Positive Nature Theory
Dr. Yiping Qi

Dr. Yiping Qi

Assistant Professor

email: yiping@umd.edu | room: PLS 5121 | phone: 301.405.7682


  • Plant genome engineering
  • CRISPR-Cas system
  • Novel breeding tools
  • Plant synthetic biology
  • Plant innate immunity


Dr. Karen Rane


Dr. Karen Rane

Director, Maryland Plant Diagnostic Lab

email:rane@umd.edu | room: PLS 3134  | phone: 301.405.1611


  • Plant Disease Diagnostics - all crops
  • National Plant Diagnostic Network
  • Diseases of woody and herbaceous ornamentals
  • Plant Diagnostic Laboratory

Nidhi Rawat


Dr. Nidhi Rawat

Assistant Professor

email: nidhirwt@umd.edu | room: PLS 2114 | phone: 301.405.9744

  • Molecular plant pathology
Dr. Andrew Ristvey


Dr. Andrew Ristvey

Affiliate Senior Agent 

email: aristvey@umd.edu | Wye Research Center | phone: 410.827.8056 x 113

  • Commercial Horticulture
  • Alternative Specialty Crops
  • Green Roof
  • Aronia
  • Wye REC
Jack Sullivan

Mr. Jack Sullivan, PLA, FASLA

Associate Professor

email: jack@umd.edu | room: PLS 2142 | phone: 301.405.0106

  • Sustainable Urban Landscapes
  • Healing Landscapes
  • Landscape and Garden History in England and Italy
  • Campus Design
Dr. Joseph Sullivan

Dr. Joseph Sullivan 

Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs

email: jsull@umd.edu | room: PLS 2122 | phone: 301-405-1626

  • Environmental Stress
  • UV-B Radiation
  • Global Climate Change
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Plant Physiological Ecology
Vijay Tiwari


Dr. Vijay Tiwari

Assistant Professor

email: vktiwari@umd.edu | room: PLS 2125J | phone: 401.405.1730

  • Genetics and genomics of small grain crops
 Dr. David Tilley


Dr. David Tilley

Affiliate Associate Professor 

email: dtilley@umd.edu | ENST | phone: 301.405.1306

  • Ecological Design & Engineering
  • Green Building Ecology & Design
  • Energy Analysis of Alternatives
  • Energy and Environmental Accounting
  • Wetland Radiometry & Health
Dr. Kate Tully

Dr. Katherine Tully

Assistant Professor

email:kltully@umd.edu | room: PLS 2108 | phone: 301.405.1469

Curriculum Vitae

  • Effects of sea-level rise and saltwater intrusion on nutrient dynamics in coastal farmlands
  • Cover crops for ecosystem services provisioning
  • Environmental impacts of the African Green Revolution
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Dr. Lester Vough

Associate Professor Emeritus

email: vough@umd.edu

  • Forest Systems Management
Dr. Melissa Welsh 


Dr. Melissa Leiden Welsh

Assistant Clinical Professor

email: drmwelsh@umd.edu | room: PLS 2130 | Phone: 301.405.6969

  • Agricultural & Extension Education

  • Teacher Preparation/ Mentoring

  • Learner Centered Teaching

  • Agricultural Literacy

  • Motivation 

  • Experiential Learning

Jason Wight

Jason Wight

Assistant Research Scientist

email: jpwight@umd.edu | room: PLS 2102 | Phone: 301.405.4558

  • Economic and Environmentally Sustainable Agronomic Cropping Systems
  • Evaluation of Novel Cropping System Technologies & Methodologies
  • Small Grains & Soybean Statewide Variety Trials
  • Soil Quality
  • Nutrient Cycling
  • Carbon Sequestration
Shunyuan Xiao


Dr. Shunyuan Xiao


email: xiao@umd.edu | room: PLS 2102 |phone: 240.314.6480

  • Broad spectrum disease resistance
  • Plant-fungal interaction
  • Powdery mildew pathogenesis
Dr. Jianhua Zhu

Dr. Jianhua Zhu

Associate Professor, PLSC Graduate Program Chair

emailjhzhu@umd.edu | room: PLS 6123 | phone: 301.405.0920

  • Molecular mechanisms of plant abiotic stress responses
  • Gene regulation
  • Functional genomics
  • Epigenetics



  Contact Information Research Focus

Dr. John Bouwkamp

Associate Professor Emeritus

email: jbouwkam@umd.edu

  • Vegetables
Dr. steven cohan


Dr. Steven Cohan

Professor of the Practice

email: scohan@umd.edu

Dr. Jose Costa


Dr. Jose Costa

Professor Emeritus 

email: costaj@umd.edu

  • Breeding and genetics of wheat and barley
  • utilization of molecular markers in plant breeding
  • Breeding of wheat and barley with improved disease resistance, high grain yield and quality
Dr. Peter Dernoeden


Dr. Peter H Dernoeden

Professor Emeritus

email: pd@umd.edu | phone: 301.405.1337

  • Turfgrass Management
  • Turfgrass IPM
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Dr. Thomas Fretz

Dean Emeritus


photo of flowers


Dr. Donald Scott Glenn

Associate Professor Emeritus

email: sglenn@umd.edu



Dr. Arvydas Grybauskas

Associate Professor Emeritus

email: arvydas@umd.edu



Dr. William Kenworthy

Professor Emeritus

email: wkenwort@umd.edu

landscape and sunset


Dr. Marla McIntosh

Professor Emeritus

email: mmcintos@umd.edu



Dr. Timothy J Ng

Professor Emeritus

email: binkley@umd.edu



Dr. Ronald Ritter

Professor Emeritus

email: rlritter@umd.edu



Dr. Lester Vough

Associate Professor Emeritus

email: vough@umd.edu

Dr. christopher Walsh


Dr. Christopher Walsh

Professor Emeritus

email: cswalsh@umd.edu | room: PLS 2118 | phone: 301.405.4351

  • Apple Maturity Assessments
  • Sustainable Fruit Production
  • Maryland Tree Architecture Project
  • Food Safety of fresh fruits and vegetables


Dr. Robert Wiley

Professor Emeritus

email: rwiley@umd.edu



  Contact Information Research Focus
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Ann Anderson 

Lecturer with 20+ years of landscape architectural office practice specializing in graphic communication and planting design
email: aanders8@umd.edu 

  • Planting Design
  • Design Theory
Phillip Cho


Phillip Cho

Lecturer & University Landscape Architect, Project Manager at UMBC

email: pscho@umd.edu

  • Project Management
  • Landscape Construction
  • Campus Planning and Design
  • Senior/ Low-income Housing
Diana Cortez


Diana Cortez

Academic Advisor and Lecturer

email:dcortez@umd.edu | room: PLS 2139 | Phone: 301.405.4359 

  • Academic Advisor
  • PLSC251: Financial Applications for the Green Industry
Christine Machado

Christine Machado

Lecturer (LARC120)

email: cmach15@umd.edu

  • Environment and health
  • Symbiotic relationship between landscape & architecture
  • Primary based research
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Kelley Oklesson, LEED AP, CBLP, CPH, ASLA

Lecturer (LARC 151) & Principal Designer of Groundsmith Collective

email: koklesso@umd.edu

  • Public interest design
  • Resilient ecology
  • Increasing social cohesion
  • Winning hearts & minds
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Jessica Sanders

Lecturer (PLSC471) 

email: sandersj@umd.edu


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Jeff Server, ASLA, LEED AP BD +C

Lecturer & Project Manager/Project Architect at Prism Design Collective
email: jserverj@gmail.com

  • Digital/analog workflows incorporating technology
  • Interdisciplinary design and practice
  • Urban design, with an emphasis on waste landscapes and sustainability
  • Land art and Earthworks
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Lecturer (LARC321); Landscape Architect - DFB & PUSH Urban Design Studio
email: dstraub@umd.edu

  • Construction Documentation & Implementation
  • Urban Streetscapes & Tree Planting
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Urban Planning & Urban Design
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James Westwater, Ph.D.

Lecturer (LARC489R,  LARC620, LARC689C) and visual artist

email: jamesw@umd.edu

  • Art + design
  • Land art
  • Conceptual art
  • Creative spaces
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Caren Yglesias, Ph.D., AIA, Affil. ASLA

Lecturer (LARC 263); Architect; author of the recent book, Desert Gardens of Steve Martino (Monacelli, 2018)
email: caren@umd.edu

  • History and theory of landscape architecture
  • Materials and methods of construction
  • Sustainable design


Post Doctoral

  Contact Information Research Focus
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Dr. Victoria Ackroyd

Post-Doctoral Associate

email: vackroyd@umd.edu | phone: 240.595.2768

Dr. Mark Jenness


Dr. Mark Jenness

Post-doctoral Scholar

email: mjenness@umd.edu | room: PLS 5142 | phone: 301.405.6937

  • Plant growth and development
  • Mechanisms of auxin transport
  • Structure & function of ABC transporters
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Dr. Brenda Kroft

Post-Doctoral Associate

email: bkroft@umd.edu | room: PLS 2126 | phone: 301.405.4369

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Dr. Marina Lichtenwald

Post-Doctoral Associate

email: mlichten@umd.edu | phone: 301.405.4369

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Dr. Magdalene Ngeve

Post-Doctoral Associate

email: mngeve@umd.edu | room: PLS 6117 | phone: 301.405.9780

  • Landscape genetics/genomics and phylogeography of Vallisneria americana

  • Genotyping by sequencing

  • Submerged aquatic vegetation and mangroves

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Dr. Changtian Pan

Post-Doctoral Associate

email: ctpan@umd.edu | room: PLS 5118 | phone: 301.221.4662


Dr. Reuben Tayengwa


Dr. Reuben Tayengwa

Post-doctoral Scholar

email: reubent@umd.edu | Room: PLS 6138 | phone: 301.405.4363

  • Molecular characterization of glutamine sensing and seasonal nitrogen cycling in trees
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Dr. Zhuangji Wang

Post-doctoral Scholar

email: zwang134@umd.edu | phone: 301.405.1469

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Dr. Yingxiao Zhang

Post-doctoral Scholar

email: zhangyx@umd.edu | room: PLS 5118 | phone: 301.405.7682