College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture


Name Position Title Phone Email Address CV Web
Dr. Mark Carroll Associate Professor and Director, Environmental Science and Policy Program 301-405-1339
Dr. Priscila Chaverri Associate Professor 301-405-7041
Dr. Gary Coleman Associate Professor 301-405-4371
Dr. James Culver Professor 301-405-2912
Dr. Christopher Ellis Associate Professor, LARC Director & MLA Program Chair 301-405-7782
Dr. Kathryne Everts Professor and Extension Specialist 410-742-8780 X305
Dr. Nicole Fiorellino Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist 301-405-6241
Dr. Mengjun Hu Assistant Professor 301-405-5586
Dr. Lea Johnson Assistant Professor 301-405-1602
Dr. Byoung-Suk Kweon Associate Professor 301-405-4341
Dr. John Lea-Cox Professor 301-405-4323 CV
Dr. Shirley Micallef Associate Professor 301-405-4369
Dr. Angus Murphy Professor and Department Chair 301-405-6244
Dr. David Myers Associate Professor 301-405-4350
Dr. Maile Neel Professor 301-405-9780
Mr. Dennis Nola Instructor 301-405-0066
Dr. Bill Phillips Assistant Clinical Professor 301-405-1061
Dr. Yiping Qi Assistant Professor 301-405-7682
Dr. Karen Rane Director, University of Maryland Plant Diagnostic Laboratory 301-405-1611
Dr. Nidhi Rawat Assistant Professor 301-405-9744
Dr. Joseph Roberts Assistant Professor 301-405-4355
Mr. Jack Sullivan Associate Professor 301-405-0106 CV
Dr. Joseph Sullivan Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs 301-405-1626
Dr. Vijay Tiwari Assistant Research Professor 301-405-1730
Dr. Katherine Tully Assistant Professor 301-405-1469 CV
Dr. Thomas Turner Associate Professor 301-314-6302
Dr. Christopher S. Walsh Professor 301-405-4351
Dr. Melissa Leiden Welsh Assistant Clinical Professor 301-405-6969
Dr. Jason P. Wight Assistant Research Scientist 301 405 4558
Dr. Shunyuan Xiao Professor 240-314-6480
Dr. Jianhua Zhu Associate Professor 301-405-0920
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