Collaborative Research Leads to $2.7M from the National Science Foundation to Elucidate Non-Host Resistance (NHR) Mechanisms for Improving Crop Resistance Against Aggressive Pathogens

May 22, 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Shunyuan Xiao IBBR Fellow and Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture at University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Xiao is leading a multi-institutional collaborative research team to discover mechanisms underlying non-host resistance (NHR). This project's goal is to improve crop resistance against aggressive pathogens, as globally, approximately 15% of crop losses are attributed to fungal pathogens.

The four year $2.7M grant from the National Science Foundation has been awarded for the project entitled, “Research-PGR: Genome-wide quest for non-host resistance mechanisms in plants," and includes Co-Principal Investigators, Dr. Bing Yang, Professor, University of Missouri; Dr. Yiping Qi, Associate Professor, University of Maryland, College Park; and Dr. Hemayet Ullah, Associate Professor, Howard University. 

Read the full article about this project on IBBR's website via the link below.