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Key and Card Swipe Access

PSLA Key and Card Swipe Access: 

To request PSLA key and/or card swipe access, please fill out the form below.  The Business Office will submit your request to the appropriate approvers and notify you when access and/or keys are available.

Swipe Access and Key Request

PSLA Vehicle Management

To request a vehicle, please fill out the  Request Vehicle Form 

For additional questions, contact Shaun Faulkner, facilities manager at  Thank you!


This is to inform all users of the University of Maryland Research Plant Growth Facility of rate changes, which have been fully approved by Cost Accounting and the AGNR Dean’s office, and will be effective on July 1, 2020. The rates for this facility have not been updated since it was first opened in 2003, so this is necessary to more fully incorporate the operational costs of running this facility. Moving forward, these rates will be reviewed and updated on a bi-annual basis. 



Greenhouse bench space


Growth Chambers


Greenhouse M260s


Greenhouse M40s


PSB 8 SF chambers


PSB 15 SF chambers




Click below for information regarding greenhouse policies, management and space request forms

Research Greenhouse Complex

APT Resources

This page provides information to all PSLA faculty promotion and tenure, merit and awards processes, and governance. 

APT Resource Page

Conference Room Reservations

Departmental Reservations:


If you would like to reserve one of our conference rooms, please contact the appropriate Room Coordinator in order to check the room's availability. Please note: We do not make reservations for classrooms or lecture halls in the Plant Sciences building. To reserve general classrooms in the Plant Sciences building (or any other building on campus), you must go through your College or Department's Scheduling Officer. To find out who that is, please visit: for more information.

Room Coordinators

  • Michael Patterson (, Exec. Admin Assistant

    • Conference Room 2107 and Conference Room 2109

    • Conference Room 5112

  •  Shaun Faulkner (, Research Greenhouse Complex #398:

    • Conference Room 1111

    • Grad Room 1101

    • Potting Room 1136

  •  Sydney Wallace (, Research Greenhouse Complex #398:

    • Conference Room 1111

    • Grad Room 1101

    • Potting Room 1136

  • Diana Cortez (, Lecturer & Academic Advisor 

    • Critique Hall 0104

    • Seminar Room 1144