STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Pague Sanders- Agricultural & Extension Education

My student experience in the Ag/Education major has been interesting, challenging, and exciting! I didn't know much about Agriculture until I started at UMD under this major, and it's a subject that I've become very passionate about! I chose this major after spending 6 years active duty in the Air Force and it was really a breath of fresh air to dive into something that immediately had me interested and excited to learn about a subject way out of my comfort zone. In fact, my favorite class so far was Ag Mechanics, which was slightly reminiscent of my time as an aircraft mechanic. Hands on learning is my favorite, and that class is the definition of hands on, and had me even more excited about continuing my education in Ag. Double majoring has definitely been a challenge, especially since my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world 2 weeks after the end of my spring freshman semester. This major has me so looking forward to working in my new chosen career field that I returned this past fall, the only difference being now I'm lugging a baby on my hip! As far as scholarships go, my freshman year I won the A. Morris Decker Scholarship, and I greatly appreciated it! UMD has been such a wonderful experience so far, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to get my education from such a great school.