UMD Featured on U.S. Wheat Associates Site for Wheat Breeding Program run by Assistant Professor Vijay Tiwari

Dr. Tiwari in wheat breeding fields

March 2, 2021

On March 1, 2021, U.S. Wheat Associates featured UMD along with 13 other prestigious institutions across the country with wheat breeding programs (SGW). Dr. Vijay Tiwari, PSLA professor, who has received global recognition for his novel work in wheat breeding research, works with a diverse team that comprise the MSGBG Program, inclusive of Nicole Fiorellino, Nidhi Rawat, and Yiping Qi.  Since Tiwari began his career here at UMD, the MSGBG Program has experienced revitalization, better serving the needs of the Maryland's wheat production industry, and working with MCIA and MGPUB.

Learn more about U.S. SGW programs and the work being done to ensure global food security. Read the article provided in the link below.

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