Spring 2020 PSLA Seminar Schedule

December 20, 2019

Except where otherwise indicated, seminars will be held Thursdays at 4 pm in PLS 1140. If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please notify the host faculty member. 


Guest Speaker:

Presentation Title



February 5 (Wednesday 4:30PM) Matt Arnn, ASLA

100 Years of Landscape Architects in the U.S. Forest Service (Room 1130)

U.S. Forest Service Byoung Suk Kweon (LARC Program Seminar)
February 6 TBD      
February 13 Jenny Roe Green Health: How Access to Nature in the city can boost Mental and Social Health University of Virginia Naomi Sachs
February 20 Kelly Dawe De novo assembly and interpretation of the maize pangenome University of Georgia Yiping Qi

February 27

Susana Milla-Lewis Integrating Classical and Genomic Approaches for Turfgrass Improvement in North Carolina North Carolina State University Lovepreet Singh
March 4 (Wednesday 4:30PM) Diane Jones Allen

Creative and Sustainable Place Making Through Trans-active Engagement (Register here. Room 1130)

University of Texas Arlington Byoung Suk Kweon (LARC Program Seminar)
March 5 Carolina Torres Challenges to produce apples in a Hot and Dry Environment Washington State University Macarena Farcuh
March 12-(postponed) Edward Eisenstein

Biochemical and Genomics Approaches to Disentangle Poplar-Rust Interactions

UMD IBBR Gary Coleman/ Vijay Tiwari
March 19 Spring Break (no seminar)      

March 26


Christopher Walsh Maintaining Orchard Sustainability in an Era of Climate Change: Lessons from Blueberry, Apple and Asian Pear UMD  
 April 2 (postponed) James Giovannoni   Cornell (BTI) Macarena Farcuh

April 9


Bob Nielsen Serving Indiana Agriculture with Applied Research and Extension Purdue Nicole Fiorellino
April 16 (postponed) Brad Day From Filaments to Function: How actin cytoskeletal changes drive gene expression and cell signaling Michigan State University Yiping Qi
April 23 (postponed) Gerald Holmes Managing soilborne diseases of strawberry post-methyl bromide Cal Poly-Strawberry Center Mengjun Hu

April 30


Adrian Hegeman   University of Minnesota John Erwin
May 7 (TBD) PSLA Awards and Ice Cream Social      

To nominate or invite a speaker, please contact Dr. Mengjun Hu at mjhu@umd.edu or call 301-405-5586.