Fall 2021 PSLA Seminars

Seminars for this semester will be held on Mondays at 12PM virtually and in person where indicated. If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please notify the host faculty member. Questions? Contact Seminar Co-Chairs Dr. Nidhi Rawat or Dr. Macarena Farcuh.


Guest Speaker:

Presentation Title:




Sponsor: Recordings:
9.13.21 Wesley Porter Developing A Practical Extension Agricultural Engineering Program in Georgia Virtual University of Georgia Nicole Fiorellino   9.13.21 (pw: C^pBR954)
9.20.21 (postponed. To be rescheduled) Lindsay Thompson  Turning Farmer Dollars into Research Outcomes  In person Thompson Ag Consulting Vijay Tiwari    
9.27.21 Daniel and Melanie Foster Global Learning in Agriculture: Connecting Global Issues to Local Solutions In person Penn State University Melissa Leiden Welsh   9. 27.21 (pw: 3.#&e0zm)
10.4.21 Jared Westbrook

The Multi-century effort to restore the American Chestnut Tree

Virtual American Chestnut Foundation Lovepreet Singh (PSLA GSA)   10.4.21
10.11.21 Randy Beaudry Fruit aroma biosynthesis: A near death experience In person Michigan State University Macarena Farcuh   10.11.21
10.18.21 Beat Keller Molecular Diversity in the Resistance Interactions of Wheat and its Fungal Pathogens Virtual University of Zurich Nidhi Rawat   10.18.21
10.25.21 Dave Rudell Transitions: Finding Hidden Events in the Apple and
Pear Cold Chain
Virtual USDA-ARS Macarena Farcuh    
11.1.21 Philipp Simon

Why Are Carrots Orange? And Insights Into Other Questions About Carrots You May Have Been Afraid to Ask

Virtual USDA -ARS Yiping Qi    
11.8.21 Lindsay Thompson  Turning Farming Dollars into Research Outcomes Virtual Thompson Ag Consulting Vijay Tiwari    
11.15.21 CL Bohannon Notes on Community Engagement: A Leaderful Practice for Social Change In person Virginia Tech Naomi Sachs    
11.22.21 Stephen Harrison A Perspective on Four Decades of Wheat Breeding Virtual Louisiana State University Vijay Tiwari    
11.29.21 Adrian Hegeman Ecological Biochemistry: Plant colors and Aromas and the Animals that Love Them In person University of Minnesota John Erwin    
12.6.21 Libo Shan Non-self recognition in plant immunity: Cell Surface Immune Receptors and Beyond Virtual
Texas A&M University-Norman E. Borlaug Center
Shunyuan Xiao