Meet Our Faculty

The diverse group of people that make up the Department Plant Science and Landscape Architecture are organized into different units that are made up of faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students.

Our faculty members make up the Instructional Areas that include Plant Biology & Biotechnology, Sustainable Agricultural Production & Technology, as well as Landscape Architecture & Landscape Management.  We are also privileged to have several Affiliate Faculty, Affiliate Agents, and Postdocs who work with our department.

Our staff breaks down into five organizational units that include Academic Programs Support, Tech Support, Facilities and Greenhouse Support, Financial Services, and the Plant Diagnostic Lab. Each of these supporting units provides day to day assistance for the department’s faculty and students.  

We also strive to recruit undergraduate and graduate students to join our department and become part of an organization that sets and achieves high standards and goals, and is recognized around the world as a leader and innovator within its respective fields.