Fall 2022 PSLA Seminars

August 31, 2022

Seminars for this semester will be held on Thursdays at 3:30PM virtually and in person where indicated. Seminars are hybrid.  If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please notify the host faculty member. Questions? Contact Seminar Co-Chairs Dr. Naomi Sachs or Dr. Diana Cochran


Guest Speaker:

Presentation Title

Virtual/In person



Sponsor: Recordings:
9.8.22 TBD            
9.15.22 Scott Cosseboom, PhD and Blaise Jumbam, PhD

Unraveling a Disease Complex: Late Season Bunch Rots of Grape  


From tropical forest botany through tropical mycology to plant pathology: the fruit of resilience

In Person University of Maryland PSLA Seminar Committee   9.15.22 Recording
9.22.22 Holger Puchta, PhD Applying CRISPR/Cas to Plants: From Gene Editing to Chromosome
and Tissue Engineering
Virtual Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Dr. Yiping Qi   9.22.22 Recording
9.29.22 Amit Dhingra, PhD

How will we Sustainably Produce

Nutritious Food in Abundance?

In person Texas A&M Dr.Vijay Tiwari   9.29.22 Recording


Wambui Ippolito, PhD IMMIGRANT LANDSCAPES: Horticulture, History, and Immigrants: The altering of the American landscape. Virtual Jane Gil Gardens Dr.Naomi Sachs MNLGA Logo  
10.13.22 Greg Miller, PhD

Working collaboratively to improve teaching and learning: Tried and true methods

In person Iowa State University Dr.Melissa Leiden Welsh    
10.20.22 Gina Brown-Guedira, PhD Genomic resources for identifying sources of variation underlying important traits in wheat Virtual NC State University Dr. Vijay Tiwari    
10.27.22 Cindy Tong, PhD Fruit crispness retention and storage disorders of Honeycrisp and its relatives In person University of Minnesota Dr.Macarena Farcuh    
11.3.22 Yaguana (Sunny) Lao, PhD To be rescheduled. Virtual USDA PSLA Graduate Students    
11.10.22 Mengjun Hu, PhD

Refining Fungicide Sprays in Small Fruit Fields: Less is More

In person University of Maryland PSLA Seminar Committee    
11.17.22 Carolee Bull, PhD Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Phytobacterial Identification and Detection in a Phytobiomes Context In person Penn State University Dr.Nidhi Rawat    
Thanksgiving-No Seminar              
12.1.22 Barclay Poling, PhD How Improvements in Weather Management Tools and the Development of Weather-tolerant Varieties for Plasticulture Production Can Boost the Profitability of Eastern Strawberry Growers. In person NCSU (Emeritus) Dr.Chris Walsh   12.1.22 Recording
12.8.22 Justin Walley, PhD Unraveling Signaling Networks using Integrated Omic Profiling In person Iowa State University Dr.Shunyuan Xiao    

Spring 2022 PSLA Seminar