Spring 2022 PSLA Seminars

January 20, 2022

Seminars for this semester will be held on Mondays at 12PM virtually and in person where indicated. If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please notify the host faculty member. Questions? Contact Seminar Co-Chairs Dr. Nidhi Rawat or Dr. Macarena Farcuh.


Guest Speaker:

Presentation Title

Virtual/In person



Sponsor: Recordings:
2.8.22 Anne Simon, PhD Developing novel virus-like agents to combat viral, bacterial, and other pathogens of trees to prevent a future without citrus, chocolate, grapes and olives In person University of Maryland John Erwin   2.8.22-Simon
2.14.22 Jim Faust, PhD

Happy Valentine’s Day- A cut flower researcher’s view of your holiday bouquet

Virtual Clemson University John Lea-Cox   2.11.22-Faust
2.21.22 John Lea-Cox, PhD Real-Time Technologies to Help Farmers Adapt to a Changing Climate In person University of Maryland Macarena Farcuh/Nidhi Rawat   2.21.22-JLC-(please contact PSLA@umd.edu for viewing)
2.28.22 Atiya Wells & Vernon Hustead Equity in Nature: Transforming vacant land from blight to BLISS In person Backyard Basecamp Naomi Sachs   2.28.22-Wells.Hustead (please contact PSLA@umd.edu for viewing)


Seogchan Kang, PhD Harnessing microbial chemical ecology to achieve environment-friendly crop production In person Pennsylvania State University Angus Murphy   3.7.22-Kang
3.14.22 Maeli Melotto PhD

Cross-kingdom molecular battles in the phyllosphere

In person University of California-Davis PSLA Graduate Students   3.14.22-Melotto (please contact PSLA@umd.edu for viewing)
3.21.22-Spring Break No seminar              
3.28.22 Lucy Stewart, PhD Two Faces of Plant Viruses: Foe and Friend In-person USDA-ARS Jim Culver    
4.4.22 Jamie Loizzo, PhD

The Streaming Science Project: Preparing the Next Generation of Agriculture  and Natural Resources Science Communicators

In person University of Florida Melissa Leiden Welsh   4.4.22-Loizzo
4.11.22 Gerald Holmes, PhD

The Strawberry Center at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: A public-private partnership for applied science and workforce development

In person California Polytechnic State University Mengjun Hu  

4.11.22 Holmes

(Note: Audio comes in about 1 minute into the video)

4.18.22 Yiping, Qi, PhD A CRISPR solution to global food and nutrition security In Person University of Maryland Nidhi Rawat/Macarena Farcuh   4.18.22-Qi
4.25.22 Penelope Perkins-Veazie, PhD Postharvest to Phytochemicals: Plants for Human Health   North Carolina State University Macarena Farcuh    
5.2.22 Brian Arnall, PhD Value and challenges of a three way appointment within a land-grant institution  In person Oklahoma State University Nicole Fiorellino   5.2.22-Arnall

5.9.22-PSLA Awards Ceremony

No Seminar



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