PSLA Covid-19 Guidance

Latest UMD Covid-19 updates

*Important reminders of Phase 1 procedures in the PLS Building*

  •  We are now in full Phase 1 protocols in PSLA.  We coordinated with Entomology to have a uniform policy and procedures protocol for the entire building.

  • All labs functioning, or seeking to function at this time, should have filled out a Phase 1 reopening plan and have had it reviewed by myself and the College and approved.  If you have not, your lab can not function until you have done so.  Please contact me if you have not had a plan approved and would like to do so.

  •  Phase 1 includes all precautions used during Phase 0, but maximum building occupancy is increased to a maximum of 25% of the total building occupancy.  At this time, we are not close to that, but should we exceed 25%, we will need to start a counting procedure.

  • Phase 1 also includes you self-reporting BEFORE to come to campus.  Note that you received an email this morning with the link to self-report.  I believe that you will receive every morning moving forward.

  • Those who can telework are still encouraged to do so.

  •  All entering the building should now enter on floor 0 (by the Landscape Architecture critique hall) and use the freight elevators to go UP ONLY and exit through the 2nd floor doors (by the front office and parking ramp bridge) and use the elevators on that side of the building to go DOWN ONLY.

  • Those needing to move plant/autoclave materials from any floor to lower floors using the freight elevators can do so only after others have exited the elevator; i.e. only one person should use an elevator at a time at any time and point in the building.

  • You are expected to bring your own cotton facemask and wear it in all public parts of the building and/or when you are near people.  Upon entering, you will see a table and a hand sanitation stand.  On the table you will find extra gloves and face masks in case you forgot your own – These are in case you forgot your and NOT for daily use!  Please sanitize your hands prior to touching anything.

  • Please wash/sterilize your hands and work surfaces regularly.  If you do not have sanitizer, please contact Shaun or myself.

  • Maximum occupancy signs have been placed on all lab doors based on lab area.  Schedule labs accordingly to adhere to the maximum occupancy numbers.

  • Again, you are expected to wear a face mask in the building and/or when near people.  The ONLY exception to this is when you are alone in your office or lab AND no one will be sharing the office or lab that day.

  • You will notice that lavatories now have a sign that can be 'flipped' when entering and exiting to allow those to know that a lavatory is occupied; only 1 person should use a lavatory at a time.