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Graduate Studies

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The Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture offers study areas in Extension Education, Plant Science as well as in Landscape Architecture.  Ready to pursue graduate studies?

Degree Programs Offered

Extension Education

Master of Extension Education Program

The Master of Extension Education features a multi-disciplinary program with core courses focused on principles of Extension in needs assessment, program development, evaluation, and social science research methodology as well as a suite of supportive elective courses in a variety of Extension specialty areas.  Graduates with Extension education experiences are prepared for dynamic careers in secondary and post-secondary education, non-profits, government, and leadership roles in enterprise.

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Landscape Architecture

MLA Program

MLA students take a series of lecture and studio design courses, beginning with an introduction to landscape design principles in the first year and culminating in an advanced research and studio design project in the graduating year. LAAB standards require that first-professional degree curricula must include the core knowledge skills and applications of landscape architecture: landscape architectural history, philosophy, theory, values, ethics, practice, planning, design, implementation, and management.

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Plant Science

The Plant Science (PLSC) graduate program offers training with concentrations in Agronomy, Cell Biology, Functional Genomics, Molecular Physiology, Conservation Biology and Ecology, Pathology, and Landscape Ecosystems Management.  Students are trained by graduate faculty with an emphasis on interdisciplinary education and mastery of their chosen area of study.

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