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Genus-Wide Genomics of Trichoderma

Trichoderma is a genus of fungi that has a broad impact on mankind. There are approximately 270 species of Trichoderma fungi that have varied interactions with other fungi, animals, plants, and efficiently degrade plant biomass material. One species in particular (T. reesei) is well-established for production of enzymes used in the biofuel and biorefinery industries. Trichoderma fungi promote plant growth by killing fungal pathogens or via production of chemicals that enhance growth or reduce plant stress. To understand the biological and biochemical mechanisms underlying these characteristics and further enable new applications of these fungi and their products, the team proposes to determine and analyze the genetic blueprint of each of the 270 species of Trichoderma. The motivation for this project is the substantial impact that that the data would have on bioenergy, plant growth promotion and crop protection.

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