LARC Juniors win the 2019 Maryland Growth Challenge Award

April 9, 2019

Congratulations to our LARC Juniors! On March 25, the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission recognized the landscape architecture junior class—under the direction of Dr. Byoung-Suk Kweon—with the 2019 Maryland Sustainable Growth Challenge Award.


The Sustainable Growth Challenge is a program that engages Maryland college students in developing creative solutions to sustainability while also providing a career-building, real world learning experience. The challenge is an interdisciplinary exercise promoting economic growth, environmental stewardship and sustainable land use at the community level.

The names of the 2019 Maryland Sustainable Growth Challenge awardees are: Marquis Barnes, Olivia Duley, Allison Fields, Catherine Garcia, Rachel Greenhawk, Maria Harrington, Jovon Jackson, Evan Lipka, Linda MacSorley, Mia Manning, Jessica Meilman, Heyner Pajaro, Gregory Remesch, Evan-Claire Schaum, Abigail Smith, Audrey Wilke, and Ryan Young. 

For more information, the official press release may be found here