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Peer & Murphy Lab People Page

Angus Murphy 

The Incredible Mr. Fix It.


Wendy Peer

Tea and sympathy



Mark Jenness 

PhD student

2008 undergraduate summer intern from Cal State Monterey Bay


Alumni/Illuminati  of the Murphy/Peer Lab  


Haibing Yang

Research Scientist C3Bio project



Jinshan Ella Lin 

PhD student



Guojie Ma

PhD student



Xiping Liu

PhD student

PULSe Integrative Plant Biology



Steven Rowland

PhD student

MS Biology, IUPUI                                                        


Nicola Carraro


Outstanding SURF mentor 2010



Ewa Mlodzinska

Visiting Fulbright Scholar

Lecturer, Dept. of Plant Physiology, Wroclaw University, Poland



Gregory Richter

Life Science Fluorescence Facility associate



Joshua Blakeslee

PhD 2006. Post-doc, Dr. Alison DeLong, Brown University

Assistant Professor, Ohio State                                                                              


Anindita Bandyopadhyay Banerjee

PhD 2006 

Post-doc in  Dr. Himadri Pakrasi’s Lab at Washington University St. Louis


Srinivas Makam

PhD 2007 

Post-doc in Dr. Jens Appel’s lab at Arizona State University


Boosaree Titapiwatanakun

PhD 2008 


Fazeeda Hosein

PhD 2009

Post-doc at University of the West Indies 


Anne Sophie Knoeller

PhD 2009 


Deepti Sanjai

MS 2008

Senior Scientist at  


Elizabeth L. Richards 

MS 2005

Gil-Je Lee

Former post-doc, currently taking time off to have a family. 


Ok Ran Lee

Former post-doc.

Currently post-doc with Dr Cho, Seoul National University 


Jiabing Ji

Former post-doc. 

Currently post-doc with Dr Guri Johal, Purdue University


Xia Wang

Former post-doc, taking time off to have a family. 

Undergraduate researchers of the Murphy/Peer Lab   


Resha Patel

Year-round undergraduate researcher

Currently Pharmacy student, Purdue University


Michael Rauscher

Biochemistry undergraduate who loved his summer internship (SURF) so much that he signed up for more. BS Biochemistry Purdue. Currently working at Merck. 


Alfred Diggs

Summer intern.  

PhD candidate, Porterfield lab, Purdue University


Nabing Jade Li 

Summer intern 3 years in a row. BS Biology, UT Pan Am

PhD student Wash U


Jackie Bruce 

Summer intern from UT PanAm. BS UT PanAm, MS UT PanAm. Pursuing PhD at UT Galveston.


Violet Yeager

Summer intern from UT PanAm. BS UT PanAm. MS Tropical Science, Tulane. Volunteering at Lassa Fever laboratory, Sierra Leone 


Charlotte Lloren

Summer intern from UT PanAm. BS UT PanAm.

MD Baylor College of Medicine


Susan Edionwe

Summer intern from UT PanAm. BS UT PanAm.

MD Baylor College of Medicine 

Summer interns:

2003 Steve Reyes

2004 Jackie Bruce, Tatiana Cordova, Susan Edionwe, Sharifa Llemit, Charisse Lloren, Michael Reyes

2005 John Adame, Alfred Diggs, Travis Brandt, Erick Hurtado, Nabing Jade Li, Charlotte Lloren, Andrew Markey, Julie Zuniga

2006 Hille Corona, Steven French, Nabing Jade Li, Sheena Llegas, Andrew Markey, Mindy Michael, Violet Yeager

2007 Krystal Anderson, Frank Lagoe, Nabing Jade Li, Eric O’Brien

2008 Bharat Bangari, Lauren Evans, Mark Jenness, Resha Patel, Mike Rauscher

2009 Erika Valle, Dawn Dallaire

2010 Abass Conteh, Sarah Griffith, Alondra Hernandez, Jia Li, Candace Pritchard, Dahlia Shvets

Academic year interns:

2001-2002 Heather Arensaman, Kate Carter, Stacy Herre, Kristen McFarren

2002-2003 Heather Arensaman, Stacy Herre,  Jewel Wise, Wei Qiao

2003-2004 Kelly Adams, Stacy Herre, Mansi Kapoor, Paul Wilkes

2004-2005 Stacy Herre

2005-2006 Mindy Michael

2006-2007 Mindy Michael, Bennis Pantojah

2007-2008 Krystal Anderson, Kevin Harrington, Angie Moon, Resha Patel

2008-2009 Abass Conteh, Kevin Harrington, Angie Moon, Resha Patel, Mike Rauscher

2009-2010 Abass Conteh, Kevin Harrington

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