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Programs: Landscape Architecture + CMPL | Landscape Architecture | Plant Science

Program: Landscape Architecture & Community Planning - LARC CMPL

Student Information:


Espinoza, Maria Jose


Satterlee, Kristina Lois


Stokes, Bridget



Velez-Lopez, Sebastian

Rausch, Matthew

  • Researching L/A design efforts that employ the principles of street design, specifically principles of the Complete Streets efforts, EPA Green and Sustainable Streets program, and the Main Street USA program (State and National levels)
  • Investigating how these street design approaches can be applied to small rural towns in America where there are efforts to revitalize the community

Program: Landscape Architecture - MLA

Student Information:


Evans, Caroline


Fann, Audrey Erin


Gray, Lauren


Jones, Alison


Mallory, Jonathan


Martin, Bryn


Moody, Kelsey


Podietz, Emma


Rahmati, Afrouz

  • Therapeutics & Healing gardens
  • Botanical gardens and the their role in urban environments

Ren, Xiaojin


Russell, Sherry


Parker, Pamela


Salzano, Christopher Robert

Samoray, Christopher

  • Experienced science writer
  • Design interests relate to climate change, particularly in the context of ecological conservation and coastal resilience efforts

Savio, Hannah Lee


Serra, Lucia Takemiya


Sullivan, William Hearst 


Turner, Sarah


Wallace, Sarah


 Wellnitz, Shane


Whitley, Yuki

Program:  Plant Science - PLSC

Student Information:


Belayneh, Bruk E.


Castillo Gonzalez, Humberto

  • Examining the diversity of endophytic fungi from the Rubiaceae family.   
  • Studying key roles in driving plant responses against pathogens and/or for adaptation to difficult environments.
  • Understanding the role of plants in selecting lineages of fungi using secondary metabolites, how the communities are assembled, and what interactions take place. 

Chhabra, Bhavit


Cosseboom, Scott

  • Evaluating management methods against bunch grape diseases
  • Fungicide efficacy and sensitivity testing for pathogens of bunch grapes and small fruit
  • Observing pathogen species distribution and frequency in bunch grape and small fruit fields of the Mid-Atlantic

Deaver, Wesley


Demissie, Habtamu


Do, Sarah

  • urban ecology and plant traits in urban ecosystems

Doherty, Joseph

  • Investigating methods for improved biological control of brown patch in home lawn turf
  • Evaluating impacts of fungicide and biocontrol applications on the rhizosphere microbiome of putting greens

Frye, Christopher


Howard, Ian


Jones, Jake


Korir, Robert


Levine, Bruce

  • Exploration of the function of genes in the Chestnut blight fungus (Cryphonectria parasitica) suspected of playing a role in pathogenesis.
  • Study of highly-conserved fungal pathogenicity genes as possible targets for novel forms of disease resistance.



Liu, Xingchen


Luo, Qiuchen


Mahlandt, Alexander


Malzahn, Aimee

  • CRISPR-based genome engineering in dicot plants

Marshall, Lauren


Morash, Jennifer


Pang, Changxu


Park, Boyoung


Perkins, Carrie, NSF GRFP Fellow


Peterson, Cara


Pritchard, Candace


Qian, Bilian


Segobye, Kabelo

Singh, Lovepreet

  • Molecular basis of Fhb1 mediated resistance against Fusarium Head Blight in wheat

Solaiman, Sultana


Sretenovic, Simon


Steadham, James

  • Positional cloning of wheat rust resistance genes

Tamukong, Yvette


Thapa, Resham

  • Conduct controlled lab-based incubation and field-based experiments to understand factors controlling cover crop decomposition and N release in no-till corn systems across the mid- and south-Atlantic USA states
  • Calibrating and validating CERES-N model to predict N release from surface-applied cover crop residues in no-till corn systems

Trouth, Frances


Weissman, Danielle S


Wong-Stack, Tiffany


Xiao, Yuwei


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