College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

Plant Sciences Building

Our research facilities are housed in the Plant Sciences building. State-of-the-art classrooms, lecture halls and studio accommodations establish an appropriate and inspiring work environment for the students. Individual student work stations include sophisticated drafting equipment and computer-aided design facilities.

A wing of the building is dedicated to the Landscape Architecture Program and houses design critique space, a slide library, a model and construction shop, and faculty and staff offices.

The Plant Sciences Building also houses the Plant Sciences Teaching Theater complex, a new facility that includes a video conferencing room and a networked tele-classroom. The Teaching Theater is maintained by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Shaun Faulkner
Facilities Manager


If you are having issues with your classroom in the Plant Sciences Building you must contact:

Room Reservations

*UMCP Departments: We do not make reservations for classrooms or lecture halls in the Plant Sciences building. To reserve general classrooms in the Plant Sciences building (or any other building on campus), you must go through your Department or College's Scheduling Officer. To find out who that is, please visit: is external) for more information.

*Student Organizations and University Departments: We recommend you visit the Stamp's Event & Guest Services: is external) for room reservations for your events.

For more information on room reservations, please visit our Conference Room Reservations page. 

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