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Transfer Students

Admission of transfer students is encouraged. Many community colleges provide courses that can be transfered to one of our programs. We highly encourage you apply by the Fall Admission Priority Application Deadline. Contact as us early as you know you will be applying. The earlier you contact us the sooner we are able to provide you with information tailored to your specific educational background.

Useful Tools

  • A very useful tool for Transfer Students is the Transfer Credit Services website. There you will find the Database of Transfer Credit Evaluations which allows you to see what courses the University of Maryland accepts from community colleges across the country. We only evaluate transcripts of students who have been accepted to the University of Maryland so this database will help you get an idea of where you currently stand.
  • Another useful practice for Transfer Students is to become familiar with the General Program Requirements for Undergraduate Students. First, determine if you fall into CORE or GenEd.
  • Also, check out the Pre-Transfer Advising website that has some useful information for prospective students, admitted students, community college advisors, parents, and a FAQs section.
  • And of course, you can check the main Admissions page for admission requirements, applying, financial aid information, and more!

Tour UMD

  • If you would like to visit the University of Maryland and receive a campus wide tour please visit Conferences & Visitor Services page. You will find information on a tour according to your interests.
  • Don’t forget to schedule a campus tour then contact April Brohawn (, Assistant to the Dean for Recruitment, for an appointment to learn about how to join the AGNR family!
  • If you would like a tour of the Department of Plant Sciences & Landscape Architecture, please visit the How to Apply to PSLA page under About.
If you have any additional questions, fill out a request form or email us for more information!


We invite you to contact us today to learn more about what our programs have to offer!


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