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Minor: Agricultural Science & Technology

This minor will provide students with an appreciation and understanding of sustainable agricultural crop production. The core courses provide students with a basic foundation in plant science while supporting courses allow students to broaden their focus in different areas of agriculture. Students can select their courses in either agronomy or environmental horticulture.

The PSLA Department has mandatory faculty advising for each of its major and minor programs. Students are required to meet with their faculty advisor at least twice a year. To insure appropriate academic advising, students who wish to pursue a minor should inform both the college responsible for their major and the unit offering the minor as early as possible, but in no case later than one full academic year before the expected date of graduation. When a student has completed all requirements for the minor, the unit offering the minor shall notify the student’s college, which verifies that the student has met all requirements and officially notifies the Registrar’s Office. The completion of a minor is posted on the student’s official transcript only when the student completes all requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

Look over the Advising Sheet for the Agricultural Science & Technology Minor to review the requirements for this minor.

  • You can view course titles, descriptions, and learning outcomes on our Learning Outcomes page.

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