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Advising: Undergraduates

The Department has mandatory faculty advising for each of its majors and minor programs. Students are initially directed to the appropriate advisor in PSLA during Orientation. Subsequently, students will meet at a minimum of once each semester with their advisor. That meeting will occur during pre-registration. Advising sessions will focus on appropriate major and course selection, benchmarks, a four-year plan with progress toward a degree, internships and employment opportunities.
  • Landscape Architecture students please visit the LARC Advising page on
  • New and Transfer students: If you are already enrolled in one of our majors and will be attending one of our orientations, please check our New Students page here. If you are planning on transferring to the University of Maryland, please view our Transfer Students page.


  1. Check your assigned registration appointment.This is the earliest you can register for classes after meeting with your advisor. This does not indicate when you will meet with your advisor; you should meet with your advisor prior to this date and time.
  2. Set-up an appointment with your faculty advisor prior to your assigned time from previous step.
  3. Review your 4-year plan, including your CORE/GENED requirements to make sure you are on track. Please confirm any exceptions with your faculty advisor. View checklist here: CORE | GENED
  4. Review your Degree Audit to ensure that you are on track. Please make note of any questions/exceptions required so your advisor can review/edit as needed. Please read this announcement about the new auditing program!
  5. Highly recommended: You may also meet with AGNR Peer Mentors
  6. Complete a Schedule Request Form to indicate which classes you need.
  7. Print out schedule form. Reminder: Class and advising blocks will not be lifted until after you see your faculty advisor so plan ahead. Bring to your advising form completed. You must bring in your schedule request form filled out; if not you will have to reschedule.
  8. At your appointment the faculty advisor will handle exceptions, answer unique advising questions, and discuss your progress, goals, and academic direction. It will be useful if you prepare a list of questions and concerns before your advising meeting. This will ensure all your questions are answered promptly.
  9. Get approval and advising block removed by your faculty advisor. Below please find your assigned faculty advisor based on your major.
  10. Please let your advisor know if you are planning on dropping a course. This might have an impact to your time to graduation so it is important that you discuss this with your advisor prior to dropping the course.


  1. Do not take courses outside of campus without first getting permission to do so. More information can be found in our Advising FAQs page.
  2. If you are planning to graduate next semester, please apply to graduate through Testudo's Graduation - Apply Here option.
  3. Discuss any potential exceptions requests with your faculty advisor. For more information please visit: Policy Exceptions | Permission to Enroll at Another Institution |Undergraduate Catalog - Visit the Undergraduate Catalog for university policies, fee information, and much more!
Schedule Request Form:
Don't forget to come prepared with your form filled out!
PLSC/AGST students only. LARC students please visit the LARC Advising page.

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Faculty Advisor Assignments

Faculty Advisor
Agricultural Education
Agricultural Science & Technology: Agronomy Specialization
(Major code: 0101A, previously 01010)
Dr. Bill Phillips | 301-405-1061 | PLS 2131 
Click here to sign-up for an appointment!
Agricultural Science & Technology: Environmental Horticulture (Major code: 0101B)
PREVIOUSLY: Plant Sciences: Horticulture & Crop Production 
(Major code: 0107B)
Dr. Chris Walsh | 301-405-4351 | PLS 2118
Plant Science: Landscape Management
(Major code: 0107C; Minor code: #AG05)
Dr. Steven Cohan | 301-405-6969 | PLS 2124
Plant Science: Plant Science
(Major code: 0107D)
Dr. Gary Coleman | 301-405-4371 | PLS 2128 
Click here to sign-up for an appointment!
Plant Science: Turf & Golf Course Management
(Major code: 0107E)
Dr. Mark Carroll | 301-405-1339 | PLS 2132
Plant Science: Urban Forestry 
(Major code: 0107F) 
Dr. Steven Cohan | 301-405-6969 | PLS 2124
Landscape Architecture 
(Major code: 02040)
Dennis Nola | 301-405-0066 | PLS 2138
Dr. Bill Phillips | 301-405-1061 | PLS 2131 
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Changing your Major

If you are interested in declaring your major to AGST, PLSC, or LARC please visit the Change Your Major page at > Students > Undergraduate Students. Also, set-up a time to meet with the faculty advisor for that major. If you have additional questions, please email Diana Cortez at

Additional Questions?

Make sure to review our Advising FAQs page as some of your questions may already be answered there. You should also check out the Office of Undergraduate Students Advising website.


Letter from Office of the Registrar

Dear Student,

The Office of the Registrar is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new degree audit tool, u.achieve. Starting May 31, 2016, you can begin using u.achieve to track progress toward your degree.

u.achieve will replace Degree Navigator as the University’s degree audit system. Every effort has been made to ensure that information contained in this system is correct and complete. However, should you encounter any discrepancies and if you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of your audit, please contact your academic advisor.

Please take a few moments to watch a brief tutorial on how to use u.achieve.

You can also find more information about u.achieve, including a basic user-guide here.


Who can use u.achieve?

Any undergraduate student who has been registered at the University of Maryland in the last 3 years may use u.achieve to view academic progress toward their degree.

What do I need to access u.achieve?

You will need to use your Testudo login to access u.achieve.

Where can I find u.achieve?

Go to Testudo and click on Degree Audit. On May 31st the link will open u.achieve. Until then, the link will open Degree Navigator.

How frequently is my information updated in u.achieve?

Your information is updated nightly. For example, if you add a course on Monday, you will be able to see the course in u.achieve on Tuesday.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with u.achieve?

If you have any questions about the accuracy of your audit, missing information, or progress toward your degree, please contact your academic advisor.

If you experience any technical difficulties with u.achieve (e.g., you are unable to login), please contact Technical Support at 301.405.1500 or

The Office of the Registrar

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