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New Zealand: Environmental Sustainability



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PLSC 489Z (3 credits)


This course introduces students to New Zealand, a country of islands with an interesting geologic history. Originally part of the southern super continent Gondwana, which consisted of Australia, South Africa, India and Antarctica, until earth movements created today's New Zealand islands. Although it consists of relatively small islands, it has the distinction of being biogeographically defined as a land mass in which birds and mammals can achieve completed speciation. Its geologic past resulted in plants and animals being distributed over water and land throughout New Zealand. Today the biota of New Zealand are excellent examples of high biodiversity and the endemism of island biogeography.  This study-abroad experience highlights the natural history of New Zealand and the role that humans have had on its recent history as well current efforts to achieve sustainability on the islands.

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Course Instructor:

Dr. Andrew Ristvey

Medicinal Plants of the Amazon
Winter 2017 PLSC 489X (3 credits)

Medicinal Plants of the Amazon and the Andes uses one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet as a classroom setting to expose students to the incredible biochemistry of the flora of primary and secondary tropical rainforest. Students will learn about local medicinal plants and local Peruvian uses of plant properties to treat a wide range of ailments. Local healers will demonstrate preparation and use of specific plants. Toxic components of tropical plants will be examined and drugs that have been derived from rainforest biochemistry will be discussed. Sustainability issues will be introduced and examined from pharmaceutical "food pharmacy" and global health perspectives.

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Faculty Instructor:

Dr. Andrea Ottesen

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