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Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

Concentrations in Plant Science and Landscape Architecture (PSLA)

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The Plant Science and Landscape Architecture programs prepare students for careers and graduate study. Students in PSLA can choose from the 3 majors* offered:

  • Agricultural Science and Technology Program is a science based curriculum that allows students to obtain technological skills in a broad area of agricultural studies. Agricultural Science and Technology students are required to choose a specialization in Agronomy or Environmental Horticulture. Students take courses in agronomy or environmental horticulture, plant science, agricultural economics, animal sciences, environmental science, and pest management. We also have a dual degree option in Agricultural Education!
    • Key words: agronomy, environmental horticulture, agricultural education, soil science, greenhouse management, container nursery production, fresh fruit and vegetable production, plant protection, food safety, education,
  • Landscape Architecture Program helps landscape architects lead, educate, and participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of our built and natural environments.
    • Key words: design, urban agriculture, planning, community, sustainable planning, management,
  • Plant Science Program combines basic science courses with applied technical classes to prepare students for the many and varied careers in this growing field.  Students seeking a Plant Science degree must complete requirements in one of the following areas of concentration:  plant biology, or one of the management programs: turf and golf course management, landscape management, or urban forestry.
    • Key words: biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, molecular genetics, pathology, and physiology, business, management, entrepreneurship, design, turfgrass, plant biology, trees and forest ecology, business management, food safety,

Unsure of which major to declare? Please feel free to compare our three programs using the "Finding your Major" and "Areas of Interest" documents, which we hope will provide you with better understanding of our programs!

Undergraduate Directors

 Plant Sciences 

Dr. Gary ColemanDr. Gary Coleman
Associate Professor


Dennis NolaDennis Nola


Agricultural Science &  Technology

Dr. Bill PhillipsDr. Bill Phillips
Assistant Clinical Professor

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