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Kweon , Byoung-Suk

Articles in Referred Journals
Kweon, B., Marans, R. W., and Yi, C.# (In press). Parks and quality of life: Differences among African American and white residents. Landscape Journal.

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Chapters in Books.
Kweon, B., & Marans, R. W. (2011). Disaggregating the measurement of quality of urban life dimensions across a complex metro region: The case of the Detroit region. In R. W. Marans, & R. J. Stimson (Eds.) Investigating quality of Urban Life (pp. 369-384). NewYork: Springer.

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Lea-Cox, John


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Chapters in books:

Kong, P. and J. D. Lea-Cox. 2014. Managing Waterborne Pathogens. 2014. Chapter 28. In: Biology, Detection and Management of Plant Pathogens in Irrigation Water. C. H. Hong, G. W. Moorman and W. Wohanka (Eds.). American Phytopathology Society. St. Paul, MN. 29 p.

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Articles in Refereed Journals: (since 2010)

Copes, W.E., H. Zhang , P.A. Richardson, B.E Belayneh, A.G. Ristvey, J.D. Lea-Cox, C.X. Hong. 2017. Nutrient, pH, alkalinity, and ionic property levels in run-off containment basins in Maryland, Mississippi and Virginia ornamental plant nurseries. HortSci. (Accepted).

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Conference Proceedings: (since 2010)

Lea-Cox, J.D., J.P. Zazanis, C. Miller,  A. Novy and M. Shore. 2016. Monitoring Stormwater Runoff and Green Roof Performance with Sensor Networks. Proceedings of Cities Alive: 14th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference, Washington D.C., November 1-4, 2016.

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Trade Publications, Reports: (since 2010)

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