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Priscila Chaverri's Mycology Lab is interested in biodiversity, systematics, molecular phylogenetics and evolution of fungi important in agroecosystems and tropical forests.

Specific research interests include systematics and biodiversity of ascomycetous fungi, with special emphasis on the order Hypocreales (Ascomycota). We are also interested in using systematics as a tool to identify potential agents of biological control. We use a synergy of traditional taxonomic techniques as well as molecular tools to test various evolutionary hypotheses.

Current Lab Projects:

Monographic studies of the plant- and insect-associated genera Nectria, Neonectria, and Cosmospora (Nectriaceae, Hypocreales). More...

Biodiversity of fungi associated to rubber trees (Hevea spp.): Towards understanding their role as plant protection agents. More...

Systematics and evolution of Trichoderma. More... 

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