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Fall 2016

                                                                      Plant Science Lecture Series

                                                                                    Fall 2016
Seminars will be held Thursdays at 4 pm in PLS 1140. If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please notify the host faculty member


Guest Speaker:



Sept. 15

Vinay Nagarajan

RNA degradomes reveal substrates and importance for stress responses of Arabidopsis exoRibonuclease 4 (XRN4)

*Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board Seminar

Delaware Biotech Institute

Angus Murphy

Sept. 22

John Kominowski

Shifting long-term Biogeochemical baselines: Enhanced Marine Connectivity Alters Plant Communities and increases saltwater intrusion in coastal wetland ecosystems

Florida International University

Kate Tully

Sept. 23

Jerry Cohen

Metabolomics and metabolic flux analysis

University of Minnesota

Wendy Peer

Oct. 6

Vijay Tiwari

Application of genomic approaches for global food security

Kansas State University

Angus Murphy

Oct. 13

Jim Kerns

Weapons of Grass Destruction: An Exploration in Turfgrass Pathology

NC State

Graduate students

Oct. 20

Alan Collmer

Cornell University

John Payne

Oct. 27

Roger Innes

Indiana University

Shunyuan Xiao

Nov. 3

Elizabeth Fassman-Beck


Engineering Considerations for Stormwater Management Performance

Stevens Institute of Technology

Steve Cohan

Nov. 10

Ron Walcott

Virulence and Host Range Determinants of Acidovorax citrulli, the Causal Agent of Bacterial Fruit Blotch of Cucurbits

University of Georgia

Joe Roberts

Nov. 17

Kate Evans

*Maryland Horticulture Society

Development & application of DNA- informed breeding in the WSU apple breeding program

Washington State University

Chris Walsh

Nov. 24

Thanksgiving Break

No Seminar


To nominate or invite a speaker, please contact Dr. Kate Tully, or x51469


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