College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

Extension in PSLA

UME Statewide Extension Specialists in PSLA

Dr. Kate Everts


Vegetable Crop Diseases joint with U of Delaware

Dr. Robert Kratochvil

Associate Professor

Agronomy Cropping Systems

Dr. Mengjun Hu

Assistant Professor

Plant Pathology

Dr. John Lea-Cox


Nursery and Greenhouse Systems

Dr. Karen Rane


Plant Diagnostic Lab

Dr. Thomas Turner

Associate Professor

Turf and Golf Course Management

Dr. Joseph Roberts

Assistant Professor

Turf Pathology

UME Limited Statewide Extension Specialists in PSLA

Dr. Mark Carroll

Associate Professor

Turf System Nutrient Management

Dr. William Phillips

Clinical Assistant Prof.

Agriculture Education

Dr. Nidhi Rawat

Assistant Professor

Crop Pathology

Dr. Chris Walsh


Fruit Vegetable Crop Production/GAPs

 UME PSLA Affiliates

Bryan Butler

Principle Agent- Carroll County

Horticultural Production

Dr. David Clement

Principle Agent & Extension Specialist

Plant Pathology

Dr. Joseph  Fiola

Principle Agent & Extension Specialist

Vitaculture and Small Fruit

James Lewis

Senior Agent-Caroli ne County

Soybean Production/ Agronomy

Dr. Andrew Ristvey

Senior Agent & Extension Specialist

Commercial  Horticulture

Dr. Sara Tangren

Agent Associate

Master Gardener Trainer

Dr. Robert Tjaden

Principle Agent

Environmental and Resource



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