College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

Green Roofs and Urban Sustainability 2013 Seminars

Dr. Steven Cohan

Tuesday, 11:00 am-12:15 pm
1130 Plant Sciences

1/29 Dr. Steven Cohan, Professor of Practice, UMD PSLA Dr. John Lea-Cox, Professor, UMD PSLA &quotSustainability Concepts&quot

2/5 Sean McGuire, Dir. Sustainability Polices, MD DNR &quotSustainable Policies in DNR and MD&quot

2/12 David Dailey, Scott Tjaden, Graduate Students, UMD &quotDesign, Technology, and Construction of the UMD Solar Decathlon House&quot

2/19 Ed Snodgrass, President, Emory Knoll Farms &quotPlant Selection for Extensive Roofs&quot

2/26 Charlie Miller, President, Roofscapes, Inc. &quotDesigning for the Long Term&quot

3/5 Whitney Gaches, Graduate Student, UMD &quotExtensive Green Roof Substrate Composition for the Mid-Atlantic Region&quot

3/12 Olyssa Starry, Graduate Student, UMD &quotModeling Green Roof Storm Water Management&quot

3/19 Spring Break

3/26 Darren De Stefano, Horticulturist GSA &quotManagement of GSA Greenroofs&quot

4/2 Dr. John Lea-Cox, Professor PSLA UMD &quotMonitoring Data for Changing Attitudes and Practices with the Chesapeake Bay Watershed&quot

4/9 Jeff Gilbert, President, Azimuth Solar Training &quotSolar Energy...What is it? How can it work for you?&quot

4/16 Dr. Allen Davis, Professor of Environmental Engineering, UMD &quotBioretention Facilities&quot

4/23 Ben Eiben, Horticulturist, Furbish Company &quotLiving Walls&quot

4/30 Dr. Vicki Chanse, Assistant Professor, PSLA, UMD &quotDesigning for Storm Water Management&quot

5/7 Scott Lupin, Director, Campus Office of Sustainability &quotCampus Sustainability-Moving up to a National Leader&quot

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